For all those who believe John McCain is a hero, or even a patriot: “Songbird” McCain is stealing money from veterans healthcare to import more Syrian refugees

Now we learn that McCain is stealing money from veterans’ healthcare programs to import thousands more Syrian refugees.

VIDEO: LOL! Watch as pissed off Navajo chase Paleface McCain off the reservation

By Thomas Madison, from youtube On August 14, 2015 dozens of Diné (Navajo) took action to resist U.S. Senator John McCain’s attempts to steal precious water and desecrate sacred lands. McCain had private meetings scheduled at the Navajo Nation capitol […]

The real John McCain. “33 POWs faced execution for treason after Vietnam until Nixon pardoned all POWs.” McCain was #1 on the list

By Thomas Madison “Thank you” to all of the Powdered Wig readers who are sending me background material on this topic. It turns out that Donald Trump was spot on in his assessment of John McCain as NOT a war […]

Dear Rubio, Walker, Perry, Bush, et al – Based upon your shameless feeding frenzy of Donald Trump, I will NEVER vote for you!

By Thomas Madison Dear Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush: Let me get this straight. John McCain attacks Donald Trump, calling his supporters “crazies,” Trump responds, defending his followers and himself, and you believe this is cause to […]

Trump is right. John McCain is no hero!

By Thomas Madison Considering John McCain’s vulnerability regarding his past, it is probably in his best interest to shut up, and certainly he would be wise to avoid insulting fellow Republicans, especially Donald Trump. Let’s review: 1. John McCain was […]

John McCain labels Trump supporters “crazies.” The Donald fires back: “McCain should be defeated in the primaires….dummy!”

By Thomas Madison John McCain has stupidly labeled Trump supporters “crazies.” Really, you career parasite? Then call me crazy! I am just crazy enough to support The Donald every step of the way. This blog will be on fire with […]