By Thomas Madison

John McCain has stupidly labeled Trump supporters “crazies.”

Really, you career parasite? Then call me crazy! I am just crazy enough to support The Donald every step of the way. This blog will be on fire with pro-Trump material until the election is over. In fact, if Trump isn’t the GOP candidate I will likely not vote, in protest of RINOs like you who have sold America down the river.

While your parasitic carcass has been camping in Washington for the past 30 years, screwing the American people, Donald Trump has been busy building a fortune and living the American Dream, for which he is vocally grateful, and which he would like to restore that other and future Americans may enjoy the same. That isn’t about to happen with nutless beltway parasites like you and your kind in positions of power.

I have some very solid advice for you, Maverick (your favorite self-given nickname). Among Donald Trump’s most appealing qualities is his love for the fight. He did not attack you. You attacked him. You should have been smart enough to prepare for the verbal attack that has come your way. You attack Trump, it is coming back to you tenfold, and it won’t be pretty. It is that type of ferocity that America needs in its Commander-in-Chief.

By the way, you are no Maverick. I’m sure you fantasize about yourself in the Top Gun/Tom Cruise role, but the fact is you are just a go-along-to-get-along career beltway parasite. You can call it divine providence or “crazy,” but one thing is certain – America is past ready for a patriot and born leader like Donald Trump. Your class of empty suit beltway parasite is finished. The American people have had enough! Go, Donald!

From Lauren Richardson, Truth Uncensored

Donald Trump is furious at Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) for dismissing, and disrespecting the supporters of his presidential campaign.

McCain, the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential nominee, was quoted in a Thursday article in The New Yorker criticizing Trump’s heated rhetoric against illegal immigration.

McCain also said Trump’s big rally last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, was supported by the “crazies” in his state.

“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

Trump responded on Twitter by blasting McCain and demanding an apology:


Of course, McCain’s office declined to comment to Business Insider on Trump’s attack.

However one of McCain’s top allies reciprocated and blasted Trump in response. Mark Salter, McCain’s former chief of staff and coauthor, wrote the following on Facebook, according to a tipster:

‘Donald Trump isn’t just an embarrassment to the Republican Party, or to whatever percentage of unserious self-identified Republicans say they would vote for him. He’s an embarrassment to the country. He possesses all the traits snobbish foreigners deride Americans for. He’s bumptious, narcissistic, obtuse and full of it. You’d think he was a Brit actor playing an American on the BBC. GOP presidential candidates who can’t find the nerve to criticize the guy ought to grow a pair. You’ll have done America a good turn, and you’ll feel better about yourself.’

Interesting, this so called ‘embarrassment’s’ honestly and forthright stance on issues, and people who are plaguing this nation is leading the poles, and for the first time in many years, has addressed the real issues Americans want to hear.