H/T Dez Day

Somewhere Vladimir Putin is laughing his ass off!

Listen as this Russian hacker pretends to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine and leads Songbird McCain into a discussion of sanctions against Russia and how President Trump will or will not respond.

At the 7:30 mark the hacker begins to tell Songbird that Putin is preparing to attack him directly by bugging his phones and having Russia Today publish a story describing his collusion with Russian Secret Services.

You can hear the concern in Songbird’s voice as he says he “would be very interested” to hear more about this and asks the hacker, who he believes is the Ukrainian Prime Minister to order his ambassador to the US to tell him what he knows about Putin’s plot against him.

Funny as hell! I can see Songbird crawling under his desk for safety when the hacker tells him Putin is out to get him.

The same two hackers also punked Maxine Waters and Lindsey Graham….