By Thomas Madison

Considering John McCain’s vulnerability regarding his past, it is probably in his best interest to shut up, and certainly he would be wise to avoid insulting fellow Republicans, especially Donald Trump. Let’s review:

1. John McCain was a below average student, getting into the Naval Academy due to his father’s and grandfather’s influence and naval careers. Both were admirals. McCain was a boozing, smoking, womanizing party animal, graduating fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis.

2. John McCain’s arms were broken not from being tortured by the North Vietnamese, but when he improperly ejected from his plane over North Vietnam. According to his fellow prisoners he was never tortured by the North Vietnamese.

3. John McCain’s nickname amongst his North Vietnamese captors was Songbird, as he was eager to tell them anything they wanted to hear to avoid torture. It is claimed that he made 32 propaganda videos for the North Vietnamese in which he blamed the United States for targeting schools, temples, orphanages, and hospitals. McCain has admitted to making one propaganda video. This puts him in the Jane Fonda class.

4. John McCain’s first marriage ended in divorce after his wife left him because of his many affairs with other women.

5. John McCain was the major obstruction to the passage of key POW/MIA legislation, which would have released classified records regarding these men and their fates.

6. John McCain has been a career beltway parasite since the mid 80s.

7. John McCain supported Barack Hussein’s war in Syria, which the American people overwhelmingly rejected. He even went to Syria to hang out with the rebels, who he claimed were not terrorists. Today they go by another name – ISIS.

8. John McCain is a global warming alarmist. While the majority of the rest of the world, including most of the scientific community, has rejected the notion of global warming, McCain and fellow believers Al Gore and Barack Hussein continue to preach the gospel. Actually, we all know they don’t believe it. They just see a barrel of money there.

9. John McCain supports full amnesty for illegal aliens. 

10. John McCain is stupid. He actually believes that he can attack a pit bull like Donald Trump, calling his supporters “crazies,” and there will be no response. STUPID!

It is time to go home, McCain. The Gravy Train has left the station. The good people of Arizona are far too smart to return you to Washington. I hope.

There is a good link from a naval aviator who served with McCain under the videos, below.

Link to statement by a naval aviator who served with John McCain…. CLICK HERE