Image, above: New York Post cover illustrating that Meghan McCain’s disgraceful attack on President Trump, masquerading as a eulogy for her father, is akin to an attack by the extinct 100-ton Megalodon shark

Many argued when John McCain was referred to as a Rino, that that simply wasn’t true, that he was a true conservative patriot and Republican.

BS! One need look no further than the man’s own funeral to see the leftists and Democrat elitists who turned out to honor and pay tribute to one of their own.

And, no further evidence is needed of the left’s hatred for the long-awaited patriot and conservative who now occupies the White House. Even McCain’s daughter, Meghan, used her father’s funeral as an opportunity to attack the President of the United States.

I can think of no better way to dishonor anyone’s life than to use it as an opportunity to attack political enemies. However, such is the modus operandi of the Democrat Party, so broke and in serious trouble of disappearing that they will capitalize on any opportunity to take a shot at the man who is reversing their decades of incompetence, corruption, and malfeasance, while creating historic peace and prosperity They are now lowering themselves by turning the funeral of one of their own as a political rally. Sad.

And, lest we should forget who the real John McCain was…. The Real John McCain

President Trump’s four-word response to the verbal abuse hurled at him from the elitist swamp rats was gracious and non-combative….