This is hilarious! In a Powdered Wig article we published Thursday morning, wino LeRoy explained why Songbird McCain was seen wearing his orthopedic walking boot on the wrong foot, the uninjured foot. Excerpt from Thursday morning’s article….

We called Senator Songbird’s office for an explanation but received no answer. We were, however, able to find a wino, not to be confused with Rino, on a bench near the Capitol, and asked if he knew Senator McCain, and if so, could he please explain the now-infamous walking boot scandal.

Once payment terms of a pack of Lucky Strikes and a bottle of Thunderbird had been negotiated, LeRoy did, in fact, confirm that he and the Senator are close friends. He praised Senator McCain for his service as a lifelong parasite public servant and declared that the controversy can be explained easily as the Senator’s love for equality. His right foot getting all of the attention was bothersome to Senator McCain, who is all about equality, LeRoy explained, thus he alternated the walking boot to keep his left foot from feeling left out.

This is very close to the actual excuse Senator Songbird himself tweeted to the world shortly after we published our article….

This lamest of all possible excuses caused a twitterstorm. Some of our favorite responses….