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Survey says! 89% of Border Patrol agents want a border wall, completely contradicting a survey Democrats released a month ago

In a new survey, Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support President Trump’s border wall. They also support an end to the ridiculous “catch-and-release” policy.

Trump wins again! He totally hosed Congress by signing the Omnibus spending bill. Wall is funded, construction begins Monday

While Congress has been playing checkers, President Trump has been playing chess, and it appears he has outsmarted the career parasites on Capitol Hill again.

President Trump has announced his chosen method to force Mexico to pay for the wall

President Trump has announced his chosen method to force Mexico to pay for the border wall, and it is very much what I expected.

Immigration reform/border security: President Trump is using DACA deal as a carrot to force Dems to sign onto the border wall

I see no need to use DACA as a bargaining chip to build the wall when no Democrat cooperation has been needed to build it so far or in the future as long as the GOP enjoys majorities in both chambers of Congress. The more likely explanation is, “Oh, yeah, I had to soften on DACA to get the wall built.” Chalk it up to public relations!

BOOM! House Homeland Security Committee just passed legislation providing $10 billion for President Trump’s border wall

“We have been talking about border security for so many years and now we finally have a chance to get this done. We finally have a partner in the White House who has prioritized this issue. It’s time for Congress to do its part and get this done.”

Illegal immigration has doubled in the past four months. There is only one solution!

This can be blamed entirely on the Democrat and Rino obstructionists in Congress and elsewhere who have blocked President Trump’s efforts to curb illegal immigration. One thing is certain, a secure border wall will prevent mostĀ of the illicit flow.

He ain’t skeered! Facing a government shutdown if Democrats block funding for the wall, President Trump says, fund it or shut it down!

President Trump needs to get well ahead of this and make it clear that any government shutdown will be on the hands of congressional Democrats for not funding the border wall. His communications folks need to go into overdrive with the message that the Democrats are responsible for the shutdown.

President Trump’s accomplishments in his first six months as President. Star-spangled awesomeness!

Now, if congressional Republicans would help instead of obstruct, President Trump’s agenda, which is the agenda of We the People, would be even further ahead.

VIDEO: Congressional Bozo proposes a second Statue of Liberty on the Mexican border instead of a wall

I do not oppose a second Statue of Liberty on our southern border. In fact, I would put it slap on top of President Trump’s very high, impenetrable wall so that it can be seen for miles.

House proposing $1.6 billion in September’s budget for border wall construction. Looking more like a done deal every day. Winning!

Mark Meadows said that if September’s budget does not include funding for the border wall, there WILL be a government shutdown. I think his message has gotten through.

House Freedom Caucus leader Mark Meadows says if border wall is not funded in September budget, the government will be shut down

President Trump’s border wall is going to happen and Paul Rino and his gang of crybaby Democrats had better get used to the idea.

VIDEO: With Mexican president sitting beside him, President Trump tells reporters Mexico is “absolutely” paying for the wall

Be sure to watch the second and third videos, below, of former Mexican President Vicente Fox. He says he is “not paying for that f*cking wall!” but you can tell in his heart he knows he is.

BOOM! Contractors are beginning prototype construction of President Trump’s border wall this summer

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will begin building prototypes of President Trump’s border wall along the Mexican border this summer.

VIDEO: GENIUS! President Trump is planning a border wall that is also a solar farm, generating $300 million dollars a year

Trump genius at work! Issue bonds to finance the border wall, bypassing Congress. Make it a solar farm to sell electricity to US and Mexican consumers, paying for itself.

Illegal border crossings increased 27% in May. Why? Take our poll

May saw an increase in illegal border crossings. The question is why?

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