By Thomas Madison

I received this email from Ted Cruz today, begging for $5.

I was going to email back and tell Senor Cruz that I am a Trump supporter, but I didn’t have the heart. I hate to see a grown man cry.

Donald Trump has not once begged me for money. I appreciate that! I lost all respect for Cruz after the “New York values” comment.

Go, Donald!


I am at a crucial moment in my campaign.

Without your support, it could all be over — and the Washington Cartel would love nothing more than to see that happen.

Let me explain: my campaign must raise another $289,473 to support our volunteers in Iowa, AND we have to do it before Caucus day.

IOWA STOP-GAP DONATE: I can help with $5 >>

The Washington Cartel and the liberal media — clinging to their way of life — would rather see anyone but me as president.

Don’t take my word for it — see for yourself.

“5 reasons Ted Cruz is even more dangerous than Donald Trump”
– Salon

  1. ‘He’s a strict originalist on the meaning of the Constitution;’ (No he isn’t. He’s  a self-serving career government parasite)
  2. ‘He’s a true believer who detests the federal government, and has spent his life embracing radical right economic and political views;’ (He is an equal opportunity hater. He detests everyone)
  3. ‘He’s smart;’ (But not smart enough to accept Donald Trump’s VP offer. STUPID!)
  4. ‘He’s disciplined and strategic;’ (No he isn’t. He’s conniving and manipulative) AND
  5. ‘He’s willing to destroy institutions.’ (Especially that institution called The United States of America)

You see: the reasons listed above are the exact outline for why the Washington Cartel AND the liberal media would rather support Donald Trump than risk me winning the presidency.

I am fighting as hard as I can to make you proud and win the Iowa Caucus, but to do it, I need your support.

There is only a little time left before the first votes are cast.

I know you probably can’t drop everything and spend a week in Iowa, but you can still help in a huge way.

Using one of the links below, will you donate $5 or more to sponsor a volunteer and help put me over the top in Iowa?

IOWA STOP-GAP DONATE: I can help with $5 >>

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Thomas, you have been a huge encouragement while I have campaigned across America, but now I’m facing my biggest challenge yet.

I hope and pray you will stick with me — the eyes of the nation are on Iowa in less than a week.

Thank you and God bless!

For liberty,

Ted Cruz