By Thomas Madison

First of all, the following article comes from The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s news and commentary website. So, please take the hyperbole with a grain of salt. Beck is a Trump hater and a Cruz lover. He is also as whacky as Bernie Sanders.

Rush Limbaugh theorizes that the Republican establishment is now warming up to Donald Trump for one reason – they hate Ted Cruz’s guts, which he translates as a hatred of conservatism.

The establishment is indeed now cozying up to The Donald and for certain they hate Ted Cruz (everyone inside the beltway does), but I don’t believe the establishment’s sudden affection for Donald Trump has thing to do with Ted Cruz.

Cruz is finished. Sarah Palin saw to that, and the establishment knows it.

In the most recent Reuters poll, Trump is clobbering Cruz nationally 40% to 10%. That is what you call “domination.” To equate this to football, which I love to do, we are now late in the third quarter and Trump is winning handily, 40 – 10. If you are the 10, you are in serious trouble. The game can still turn around, but any hope is remote, and with every tick of the clock, the inevitable becomes more certain. The Washington establishment understands this.

My own theory is that the establishment is cozying up to Trump for one reason – they see the handwriting on the wall. Pure and simple capitulation. They have given up. They see no chance of defeating Trump, so they are raising the white flag in the hope that the new sheriff in town will not disfavor them. They are surrendering to the inevitable. They are executing the French army salute, which is the same gesture a football referee uses to signify a touchdown, to complete the football analogy. It’s that simple!

Referee Touchdown Signal

From Oliver Darcy, The Blaze

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that the “establishment types” in the Republican Party have expressed support for Donald Trump in recent days because of their extreme hatred for Ted Cruz.

“All of a sudden these establishment types come out for Trump. And what it really signifies is their hatred for Ted Cruz,” Limbaugh said on his nationally syndicated radio program. “Folks, it’s the most incredible thing to sit here and watch all of this. They literally despise Ted Cruz.”

“They are beside themselves with hatred for Ted Cruz that goes beyond the rational,” he added. “Except it is rational if you understand the establishment’s absolute hatred and distaste for conservatism.”

Limbaugh said it was likely the GOP elite would side with Trump over Cruz because they believe deals can be made with the billionaire businessman.

“Make no mistake,” the radio host said. “If there is an establishment shift here to Trump, it is to cut Cruz off at the pass. They clearly think that they could make deals with Trump. If they look down the road and they see Trump as president, they think they’ll be able to go to Trump and make deals and agree with the Democrats and come up with compromises and so forth.”

“But they are aware that no such deal-making that damages the country will occur with Ted Cruz,” Limbaugh added. “And so they are telegraphing their fears, letting it be known exactly where they come down on all this.”