By Thomas Madison

Poor Ted Cruz, he just keeps stepping in it. Tanking in the polls since the Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump, and on the heels of his miserable performance in the latest Fox News/Google GOP presidential debate, Cruz has turned to desperate measures. Desperate as in violating the privacy of the very people he is trying to convince to vote for him in Monday’s caucus.


Cruz, being not quite the brilliant strategist his supporters imagine, flooded the Iowa electorate with shame mail (pictured below), which listed the name of the person the notice was addressed to and six of his or her neighbors, publicizing the poor voting record of each to shame them into voting for Ted Cruz.

Really, Ted? You ever get a date with a hot chick by telling her she is fat and ugly and smells bad? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Cruz spokesman, Jerome Horowitz, commented on the matter, but the comment was unintelligible….