By Thomas Madison

While most in the GOP presidential hopeful field are remaining silent in regard to Donald Trump’s controversial comments on illegal immigration, maintaining as much distance as possible from The Donald and his volatile cause du jour, and a few (notably Jeb Bush and Rick Perry) have taken the opportunity to attack Trump, one candidate has loudly declared his support for Trump and his hardline stance on illegal immigration. Ted Cruz, who has taken the high road, is very wise. Said Cruz, “I am proud to stand with Donald Trump!”

While those silent on Trump, refusing to take a position, fade into the background, and the attackers lose HUGE credibility and support amongst hardcore conservatives for attacking that which they have been thinking and screaming for years and which Trump is the first prominent Republican to not only agree with 100%, but also to vocalize loudly and offer a remedy to, Cruz is latching onto The Donald’s coattails, enjoying the ride and the secondary clout that his support of Trump and Trump’s position on illegal immigration have garnered. Smart man! Looks like a solid running mate to me!

I will be posting a poll later today that shows Trump skyrocketing to the front, leading the pack with 17.7%, followed by Jeb Bush at 13.9%. Here’s hoping Trump’s lead not only holds, but grows to the point that the establishment career parasites in the GOP are forced to get in line behind The Donald and Cruz and finally become patriots themselves.

From Reuters

Two of the Republican Party’s most controversial figures have struck up an unlikely alliance as they both vie for the 2016 Republican Party nomination.

Despite faring fairly well in the polls, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are still considered long shots for the GOP vote. Both candidates have made enemies within their own party. In Cruz’s case, he angered many of his Senate colleagues when he pushed a fight over Obamcare that led to a 16-day shutdown of the federal government.

Republicans such as 2016 White House rival Jeb Bush have distanced themselves from Trump, who described illegal immigrants from Mexico as “rapists” and criminals when he launched his presidential race last month. Trump promised if elected to erect a “great wall” between the U.S. and Mexico.

In the weeks since, Trump’s comments cost him business partners and friends from every direction including ties with Macy’s, NBC and NASCAR, in the past two weeks alone. All the while, fellow outsider Cruz has yet to jump ship.

“I’m pleased to welcome [Donald Trump] into the race for the 2016 GOP nomination for President of the United States…” Cruz tweeted after Trump’s contentious announcement. On a later interview on “Fox and Friends,” Cruz said he liked Trump and described the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host as “terrific.”

Throughout the losses a growing number of professional relationships, Trump has maintained a poker face, writing them off as minor and took shots at Democrats and fellow Republicans alike, accusing them of taking his comments out of context.

But Cruz told Fox Business Network: “I am proud to stand with Donald Trump.”