We reported in December that Paul Rino would announce his retirement shortly after Easter, a report Rino declared false. Today, Rino is again announcing his retirement

When the president called Rino to get the story from the horse’s mouth, the Speaker declared that the article was not true and assured the president “I ain’t going anywhere.”

VIDEO – Lou Dobbs: “Why doesn’t someone tell Speaker Ryan to go to hell?…. he would sell out his mother!”

“He sold out a long time ago, he sold out the conference, he sold out the Republican Party, he sold out this president, and he would sell out his mother, based on his record of 20 years and such little accomplishment and absolute favor for all of his dearest friends who write big checks.”

BREAKING! Paul Rino’s Political Action Committee was largely responsible for electing Democrat Conor Lamb to the House

Perhaps Rino is helping Democrat candidates because he secretly (or not) wants a Democrat majority in the House to impeach President Trump to strengthen his own hand for a 2020 primary run against the president.

Two-faced Paul Rino, who attacked President Trump for calling out Antifa, now declares that “Antifa is a scourge on our country”

If you believe Paul Rino is sincere in his newfound agreement with President Trump and that he is a loyal patriot, please contact The Powdered Wig Land Compay to become first in line to buy large tracts of our Martian holdings.

Paul Rino slams President Trump for pardoning patriot Joe Arpaio, who was convicted in a liberal kangaroo court of enforcing the law

Please, please, please, any voters from the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin who happen to be reading this, DO NOT send treasonous asshole Paul Rino back to Washington next year. He is embarrassing you, the Republican Party, and he is clearly on the Soros payroll. He is a traitor!

Warning: adult language! Steve Bannon’s pet name for Paul Rino

No finer poster boy for the US Navy walks the earth today than old salt Steve Bannon, advisor to President Donald Trump. Bannon’s mastery of the sexual invective is legendary.

VIDEO: Lou Dobbs pile drives Paul Rino for being the worthless traitor he is

Paul Rino is a waste product and the worst Speaker of the House in modern history, an era that includes crocodile tears John Boner and Nancy “Batshit Crazy” Pelosi.

VIDEO: Pulling the drain on the swamp, Paul Rino may be the first to go

Paul Rino is toast! He did everything he could to prevent a Trump presidency, and must now face the consequences.

VIDEO: Sean Hannity predicts that Paul Rino will lose his Speaker gig for abandoning Donald Trump. I agree! The voters of Wisconsin may send his sorry ass back home!

The voters of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District may very well send Rino’s miserable ass back to Janesville. He has been in Congress nearly 20 years. Enough already!

Three days ’til primary day, Wisconsites. Send a patriot to Washington this time. Dump Paul Rino. Vote for Paul Nehlen!

Rino has spent the past 17 years in Washington as a beltway career parasite. Once thought to be a stalwart conservative and patriot, he has proven over his tenure as Speaker, to be a sellout

Newest poll shows Paul Rino losing his House seat to Paul Nehlen. Goodbye, Rino! The voters of Wisconsin have had enough of your lies!

GOP establishment stooge, Paul Rino, is destined to lose his House seat, according to the latest poll by AMP.

Hell yes! Take note, Paul Rino and other elitist establishment Republicans. Witness the Trump effect: Paul Rino “stunned” as VA Rino congressman loses in primary

Paul Rino must be shaking in his Birkenstocks, wondering if the crash and burn he just witnessed of longtime Virginia fellow Rino, Randy Forbes, is a crystal ball forecast of his own primary less than two months away.

Paul Ryan says he will sue Trump if he bans Muslim immigrants. This from the guy who laid down for our Mistake-in-Chief, allowing him to screw We the People

Paul Rino is a corrupt member of Congress who should be replaced as soon as the good voters of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District are able, which is November.

VIDEO: Meet Paul Ryan’s primary opponent, Paul Nehlen. C’mon, Wisconsites, send us a REAL patriot this time. Vote for Paul Nehlen!

Meet Paul Ryan’s opponent, and (hopefully) successor to the US House of Representatives. Paul Nehlen is a wealthy Wisconsin businessman, entrepreneur, and inventor.