If Republican lawmakers don’t dump Speaker Paul Rino before the next Congress, the people may revolt. Conservative voters don’t like turncoats. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Monica Crowley were outraged at Paul Rino sabotaging Donald Trump the day after his historic performance Sunday night at the second Presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri.

Not only may Paul Rino lose his Speaker gig over his own stupidity, but, as evidenced in the second video, below, the voters of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District may very well send his miserable ass back to Janesville.

Fall Fest in Elkhorn, Wisconsin – as Paul Rino brings other Wisconsin Republicans onstage to say goodbye, hecklers yell, “shame on you!” This was after Rino slammed and abandoned Donald Trump for the locker room talk audiotape, and before it became known that it was he himself, Paul Rino, who leaked the tape to the press. I can only imagine how incensed these patriots are now.