Paul Rino must be shaking in his Birkenstocks, wondering if the crash and burn he just witnessed of longtime Virginia fellow Rino, Randy Forbes, is a crystal ball forecast of his own primary less than two months away.

Forbes was defeated by ardent Trump supporter and ex-Navy SEAL, Scott Taylor, in the Republican primary. It is clear that We the People are fed up! It is also clear that the Rinos simply don’t get it. The only alternative left is to send them home. The Rinos in the Republican establishment have had ample time to get in line, recognize the will of the people, support Donald Trump, and save their jobs and their sorry asses.

Opposing Donald Trump and the will of We the People has been disastrous for the Rinos. The Donald has registered more support (votes) in the Republican Presidential Primary than any Republican candidate in history, which is a mouthful considering that he was facing a record fifteen Republican opponents from the beginning of the primary process.

Forbes is/was a veteran Rino, now on his sixteenth year of “servicing” the good people of Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. It is widely believed that he lost his job for supporting Barack Hussein’s un-American Trans-Pacific Partnership, designed to give American jobs to third-world Asian countries.

Guess what other clueless Rino supported Barack Hussein’s treasonous TPP. Hint: He is shaking in his Birkenstocks right now!

From DC Whispers

It’s the very thing the GOP Establishment fears most – loss of control.

This week, an example of that diminished control reverberated throughout D.C. as challenger Scott Taylor, who is a former Navy SEAL and current Virginia State Representative, defeated longtime Republican Congressman Randy Forbes.

Taylor supported Donald Trump and Trump’s America-first economic platform. Randy Forbes did not.

Virginia voters just fired Randy Forbes.

Taylor hosted a Virginia Trump rally as far back as September, and has since repeated his plan to support the New York billionaire in his upcoming presidential battle against Hillary Clinton.

Polling data indicates one of the issues that doomed Forbes’s primary campaign was the longtime Congressman’s support of Obamatrade – the fast-track trade deal that many feel would ship yet more jobs outside of the United States, further debilitating an already suffering American Middle Class.

Congressman Forbes was successfully painted as an Establishment elitist who too often sided with party leaders over the needs of Virginians, and it cost Mr. Forbes dearly at the polls even though his campaign outspent Taylor by a three-to-one margin and had the support of both the state and national Republican machine. Forbes even attempted to jump from his state’s Fourth District to its conservative voter-dominated Second District to run for re-election, a move supported fully by the GOP establishment.

It appears that attempt failed.

Reports indicate a stunned House Speaker Paul Ryan was quick to phone Taylor and offer his support in his General Election bid this November as Republicans in D.C. brace for yet more pro-Trump influence that is already shaking the Establishment foundations of the party.