I love Lou Dobbs. Few see Washington as clearly as he does, and he is never shy when it comes to expressing his opinion regarding the career parasites that populate Capitol Hill.

In a classic rant during an interview with Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL), Dobbs placed the blame for Congress’ inability to pass a common sense budget squarely at the feet of Paul Rino.

Dobbs is right. Rino is a career parasite who has never been interested in anything other than lining his own pockets with loads of K Street lobbyist cash. He cares nary a bit how many Americans he hurts. He is for sale 24/7 to the highest bidder.

“Why doesn’t someone tell Speaker Ryan to go to hell?” Dobbs asked DeSantis, who did his best to deflect Dobbs’ ire by blaming the Senate and insisting that “the taxpayer” is Ryan’s “master.”

Indignant, Dobbs quickly corrects DeSantis: “Oh, no. No, no. Ryan’s master is not the taxpayer. They just pay the bills. Let’s be clear. It is the business roundtable, it is the Chamber of Commerce, it is K Street. He sold out a long time ago, he sold out the conference, he sold out the Republican Party, he sold out this president, and he would sell out his mother, based on his record of 20 years and such little accomplishment and absolute favor for all of his dearest friends who write big checks.”

Again, DeSantis tries to shift the blame to the Senate while Dobbs stares at him with a pitiful smile, realizing he may as well have been talking to the wall.