This is a special plea to the voters of the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin….

One of the most important and powerful positions in our government is Speaker of the House, now occupied by Paul Rino Ryan. The last thing America needs in that critically important position is a Rino.

Rino has spent the past 17 years in Washington as a career beltway parasite. Once thought to be a stalwart conservative and patriot, he has proven over his tenure as Speaker, the past year and a half, to be a sellout and a traitor. He has sold his soul to the devil (K Street) for money, the people be damned!

Paul Rino is now in a fight for his life in a primary battle against a very capable patriot, Paul Nehlen, who I hope sends Rino back to Wisconsin. Sarah Palin is enthusiastically backing Nehlen. She and Nehlen are both squarely in the corner of Donald Trump and share the same “America First” philosophy.

Paul Rino has had a long enough ride on the gravy train. He has sold you out and he has sold the entire country out. Send him home, where he can live comfortably for the rest of his life on the loot he made off the backs of the American people.

Come on, Wisconsites, send us a patriot this time!

VIDEO: Meet Paul Nehlen (check out that awesome Molon Labe tattoo)