H/T Fay A Boulet

Among the more important things Donald Trump has accomplished to date is exposing the corrupt and criminal underbelly of America’s political/financial establishment. It is scary in the extreme and Trump brought it into broad daylight. The cockroaches are scrambling to return to their dark and evil world.

God Bless Donald Trump for his courage. He knew well what he was walking into, but the future of our great nation was more important to him than even his own life.

Trump is a very controversial figure. Unlike all of his predecessors since and including George HW Bush, he is a protectionist, a nationalist, and to a significant degree an isolationist. He possesses the heart of a patriot and he is good for America.

The plan was put into place long ago to establish a “New World Order” which would include a North American Union along the lines of the New World Order’s European Union. Ask a Brit how well that has worked out for them.

What the North American Union basically entails is yet another layer of imperious government – incompetent, inefficient, corrupt. Like we need more of that, right? But, that’s the good news. The bad news is it is a transfer of American prosperity to our southern neighbors. NAFTA is an example – American jobs and prosperity going to Mexico, and your children get to pay the price.

The really, really bad news is the NAU will make our Constitution null and void, just a footnote in history, like the Magna Carta. Our Constitution, the document that changed the world for the better, offering hope for a more free and prosperous future to the entire world, the charter that was the model for the constitution of every liberty-loving nation since. Gone!

Trump has shone a bright white light on the trade inequity that has allowed other nations to prosper at America’s expense. We Americans have been transferring our collective and individual wealth to other nations for decades, to Germany, to Japan, to Mexico, and other beneficiaries, all to the detriment of our children, our grandchildren, and their futures.

Donald Trump is Thomas Paine and George Washington, rolled into one. He is the leader we have been looking for, praying for, and waiting for. Divine Providence! (continued below….)

Even before Donald Trump came on the scene I wrote about the phenomenon of involuntary transfer of American wealth to other nations, and offered my ideas to correct the inequity. As it turns out Donald Trump did come along and has been promoting the same idea.

Originally penned in August, 2013, the following is an updated edition of that article from January, 2014 – “Time To Stop Being Stupid!”

Is there a group who would like to see Donald Trump removed, no matter the cost? Without question. I pray for his safety daily and look forward to the prosperity my children and grandchildren will enjoy from his America First policies, the evil establishment and New World Order be damned!