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More evidence mounting that Assad did not gas his own people. It was foolish to attack Assad with such little evidence

The Syrian rebels are al Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda. Terrorists! Anyone remember 9-11, or is that forgotten already? THAT was al-Qaeda, who We the People are now in bed with, supporting and funding them to turn Syria into another Libya.

British PM Theresa May declares Assad guilty of killing his own people based upon the same flimsy evidence the Trump admin is using

I’m not saying that Assad is innocent. He may be guilty. However, no one has provided sufficiently hard evidence that he is, let alone proof. In fact, all of the evidence suggests otherwise, especially motive. Assad had none.

President Trump’s attack on Syria is a very big mistake. He isn’t a rookie president anymore and shouldn’t be making rookie mistakes

I have been one of President Trump’s fiercest supporters, but I fervently disagree with him on this attack in Syria. He should not be making rookie mistakes at this point. He knows there are swamp rats throughout his intel community. He can trust them as far as he can trust the FBI.

Syrian rebels caught staging the bodies of children to incite Western rage. No way Assad committed this atrocity! The rebels have done this before

I believe this is another case of President Trump receiving faulty intel from his own people. Remember, many in the intel community are holdovers from the administration of Barack Hussein.

Deadly escalation in Syria! Over 100 Russian mercenaries killed by US forces in an attack on a US base

Both sides, Americans and Russians, remain calm and are discussing an attack on a US military base by Russian mercenaries last week in Syria that, at last count, left over 100 of the mercenaries dead. No US or coalition forces were killed.

Meet the new face of ISIS, a ten-year-old American boy living among the terrorists

He looks straight at the camera lens to deliver an anti-Donald Trump diatribe, speaking in what sounds like Americanized English. He is shown living among the residences and destruction of Raqqa, the central Syrian city that ISIL claimed as the capital of its Muslim caliphate.

VIDEO: Syrian women burn their burkas and men shave off their beards in newly-liberated Raqqa

The celebration and relief were marred with sadness as people remembered those that they had lost during ISIL’s occupation.

President Trump kills Barack Hussein’s arming of Syrian rebels to take down Assad, which should bring peace soon to Syria, a very good thing!

No question, Putin was on the right side of this conflict. And now President Trump has America on the right side, pulling our support from the Syrian rebels. Bravo, President Trump!

Should we accept more Syrian refugees? Combat medic with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan weighs in

The following was posted to Powdered Wig’s facebook page by Rose Rogers. It is one combat medic’s opinion as to whether the US should invite more Syrian refugees into our country.

VIDEO: WaPo reporter tells the truth. Syrians cheer when they hear President Trump’s name

“One Syrian Kurdish commander used a vulgar term, in Spanish it would be cojones, to describe what President Trump has got and why they like him.”

ISIS leader al-Baghdadi dead….AGAIN!

Syrian State TV, which is reporting via AMN News that al-Baghdadi was allegedly killed by an airstrike in Raqqa City this morning.

How about some good news for a change? Trump and Putin are forging an alliance to resolve the problems in Syria and North Korea

In my opinion, if both the US and Russia back Assad, one of the few secular leaders in the region, then the problem in Syria will be resolved in a hurry.

Israel launches missile attack on Syria. Bizarre!

This looks and smells an awful lot like Trump’s cruise missile attack on Assad’s airfield with about the same amount of evidence to support it…. ZERO!

MIT professor/weapons expert says Syria sarin attack was done by terrorists, not Assad

I thought it was mind-numbingly obvious from the get-go that Assad did not gas his own people. As far as I could tell, all evidence pointed to terrorists, likely al-Qaeda, which controls that part of the country.

So, why did Trump bomb Syria? According to Mike Cernovich, HR McMaster has been manipulating intel given to President Trump

The whole bombing of Syria thing still sticks in my craw. I chalked it up to a rookie mistake based upon President Trump receiving faulty intelligence. I stand by that belief.

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