Should we accept more Syrian refugees? Combat medic with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan weighs in

The following was posted to Powdered Wig’s facebook page by Rose Rogers. It is one combat medic’s opinion as to whether the US should invite more Syrian refugees into our country.

VIDEO: Reinforcing Trump’s ban, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says that terrorists are “definitely” among the refugees

Assad is a secular leader, not a foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim, which is the kind of leader Barack Hussein wanted at the head of all Middle East nations, and is why Hussein tried so hard to depose him.

BOOM! All it took was one phone call from President Trump to get the Saudis to agree to start taking care of Syrian refugees

All it took for Trump to make the Saudis start paying for refugees was a telephone call.

Obama priorities all screwed up! VA shorted $2.6 billion while Barack Hussein budgets $4.5 billion for the care of Syrian refugees

By Thomas Madison The Barack Hussein administration certainly has its priorities all akilter, and is in no way apologetic for it. While our Veterans’ Administration is facing a $2.6 billion shortfall this fiscal year, which will reduce healthcare services for our veterans, […]

From Contributing Author, Rod Eccles on Muslim refugees: Is the United States REALLY going to do this even though history says we should not?

By Rod Eccles There is a great amount of rhetoric floating around over the Syrian Refugees due to the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. The questions being asked are should the United States take them in?  Should we block […]

Missing Muslim refugee who fled Louisiana has been found in Washington, DC. It has also been discovered that he is an al-Nusra Front terrorist

By Thomas Madison Great! So one of the unfortunate souls we refer to as Syrian refugees escaped Louisiana and disappeared into the countryside. He has been found in Washington, DC. Imagine that! I’m sure he just wanted to catch a […]