I am in what appears to be a minority of Americans who favor the US pullout from Syria. Not only is our work there done, but I believe we were on the wrong side of the fight to begin with. Is it any mystery that Barack Hussein backed the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad by ISIS?

That’s right, we were on the side of ISIS in Syria. While Hussein’s shameful pretense and empty rhetoric regarding his fake war on ISIS was one large, transparent lie, his real war to overthrow Assad, a secular leader with a long reputation of protecting large populations of Jews and Christians (surely counter to the Obama agenda), was engineered to allow a radical, fundamentalist regime (ISIS) to fill the power vacuum. And, all the while, the American mainstream media toted his water, parroting and broadcasting his lies as some sort of righteous crusade. THAT is how brain-dead and corrupt the powers that be in the mainstream media have been and are today.

I admit to being somewhat shocked at President Trump’s announcement of an abrupt pullout of US troops from Syria. I agree with the move, I was just surprised that it wasn’t prepped in the standard Washington establishment way of being proposed publicly weeks or months before to gauge support and prepare the country for the actual pullout, implemented in increments over time. Just more proof that Donald Trump is anything but a Washington establishment politician. He is used to doing BIG things quickly, off the cuff, structuring billion-dollar deals on a restaurant napkin. No months-long polling, no finger in the wind. If it is the right thing to do, DO IT!

So, why did President Trump unilaterally decide to pull out of Syria? While the details remain secret, President Trump has admitted that he made the decision based upon a telephone conversation with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. I suspect, and, in fact, feel certain, that it involves protection of the Kurds who populate the region along the Turkish/Syrian border.

In the following article, RT describes what appears to be the workings of such a deal, which, I believe, involves protection for the Kurds and perhaps even autonomy in the form of land swapped to create an autonomous Kurdish state or at least autonomous governments within the regions of both countries they have historically occupied.

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From RT

The Kurdish-held city of Manbij is a huge conundrum for Damascus, Ankara, and Moscow as no one wants to lose lands, troops or allies. To stop a northern Syria standoff, it all could be sliced into areas of influence, analysts say.

A high-ranking Turkish delegation arrived in Moscow on Saturday, only a day after international media broke news on Kurdish militias inviting Syrian forces to enter Manbij – a strategic hub in the north of the country – before the Turks do. Syria’s military proclaimed they raised the flag over Manbij, but there have been no independent reports confirming the moving of troops into the city.

In the meantime, Turkish-backed militants also went on the move – but they too stopped short of marching into Manbij. All the while Ankara has been threatening to crush the Kurdish resistance in the area where the Americans – who are in the process of pulling out – and the French have their outposts.

The Saturday Moscow meeting was key to preventing all actors of the Syrian war from locking horns over the Kurdish enclave, Middle East experts believe.

Manbij wasn’t the only issue discussed by Russian and Turkish strategists during the meeting, he noted, as it was essential for them to understand “what will happen to territories east of the Euphrates River.”

Realpolitik, of course, plays a role here as various locations across Syria might be used as a bargaining chip by all parties to the conflict. Semenov suggested the Turks may agree on Syrian forces taking some parts of Idlib province in exchange for Damascus’ consent for a Turkish offensive towards Manbij or Kobane.

Syrian troops and Kurdish forces occasionally clashed during the civil war, and the overall relations between the Kurds and Damascus “have never been smooth.” On the other hand, it never reached levels of hostility between the Syrian government and the militants of the Western-backed Syrian opposition.

Meanwhile, tensions are mounting in northern Syria. Shortly after Damascus announced sending troops there, Turkish APCs crossed into Syria and US helicopters were filmed flying in Manbij area. Ankara has also amassed tanks on its southern border with Syria.

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Facebook has shut down our pages and our marketing source, thus demonetizing us by 98% for the crime of being conservative patriots. Help us keep the lights on and the message alive by donating anything you can, and please, share this link everywhere….https://www.gofundme.com/powdered-wig-society