Having lived in Italy in the 80s, and recalling what a wonderful, beautiful country it was 30 years ago, I am heartbroken to watch the ‘Bel Paese’ (beautiful country) commit suicide by political correctness, allowing unchecked migration of millions of African Muslims into the country.

Who would have ever believed that such a culture clash could have a happy ending? The EU and brain-dead European leaders believed it and still do.

No matter the cost to the people, they insist upon leaving the gates to Europe open. I fear they will not get it until it is too late. It may be too late now.

A Somalian migrant in Italy, 38-year-old Alì Abdella, has been accused of attempting to rape an unidentified woman, 43, while she was in labor at Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome.

From Defend Europa

An unreal situation in the Italian capital Rome, according to Libero; a Somalian man managed to get past the security of Sant’Eugenio Hospital and stormed a delivering room where he attempted to rape a woman in labour.

Migrants have been found guilty of various terrible crimes but this is a first.

Luckily the monster was stopped before he could harm the woman and her baby.

The criminal is a 38 years old Somalian, already charged for other crimes in the past.

The man managed to get his hands on a green uniform and sneaked in the delivery room where he started to touch and fondle the woman in labor while masturbating.

The cries of help of the woman alerted the personnel in the surrounding area who entered the room and incapacitated the man and subsequently delivered the animal to the police.