For a very long time we have been watching Sweden lead Europe down the toilet with their politically correct multiculturism. Sweden has long been regarded as the rape capital of the world and is expected to be the first European domino to fall to Islam, which appears to be not far away.

Scroll through the Powdered Wig archives to see many articles on Sweden over the past five years. Enter “Sweden” in the search window at the bottom of the right side bar on this page to see the many articles on what used to be Europe’s most peaceful and prosperous nation, which is now going broke in a hurry due to the massive strain Muslim migrants have put on its social welfare system.

In the archives, you will see articles with titles such as, Stunning! Of over 4,000 Muslim refugee children recently admitted to Sweden, 83% age-tested to be adult males of fighting age;” “Swedish woman gang-raped by 7 Muslims for hours, often two at a time, yet Sweden, rape capital of the world, continues to allow the Muslim invasion;” “ISIS fighters are returning to Sweden from Syrian battlefields. The Swedish government is giving them new identities so even police can’t tell who they are;” and proving that not all Swedes are taking the Muslim invasion lying down,Swedes revolt against the open-door Muslim immigration policy. They have burnt 17 refugee centers to the ground.” Better yet, here is a link to articles on Sweden in the Powdered Wig archives….

Sweden has one of the highest, if not the highest, incidences of rape in the world, nearly all of it perpetrated by Muslim migrants. But, don’t you dare say that in Sweden or you will find yourself facing investigation for hate speech like Swedish police officer Peter Springare who made that mistake.

Now, the unbelievable story of a Swedish woman who posted a meme (pic, below) to facebook which was not necessarily flattering toward Muslims. She explained to authorities that the meme was in regard to ISIS, not all Muslims. No matter, she is being prosecuted and facing two years in prison. For a facebook meme. Not kidding.

From Infowars

A woman in Sweden was interrogated by police, had her DNA taken and was subsequently imprisoned for the “crime” of sharing a joke meme about Islam on Facebook.

The 32-year-old woman from Gothenburg drew the attention of authorities after she posted the image below, which depicts a Muslim man having his brain removed and then being wrapped in Islamic head dress.

While the meme may be considered offensive, what happened next was truly Orwellian.

A reporter alerted police to the post, claiming that the woman had expressed herself “in a threatening manner” towards a protected group. The reporter passed on details of the woman’s identity and her place of residence.

The woman was then asked to visit a police station in Gothenburg, where her DNA was taken and entered into a criminal database.

The woman profusely apologized for the post, claiming she thought it was aimed at members of ISIS, while asserting that her best friend was Muslim and that she was ill at the time with a fever when she posted the image.

This did not satisfy authorities, who proceeded to interrogate her about her thoughts on Sweden’s “multicultural society” and whether she had “something against Muslims”. The woman insisted she was against the Islamic State, not individual Muslims.

However, Gothenburg prosecutor Sara Toreskog decided to proceed with charges of hate speech and the woman now faces two years in prison.

As we have exhaustively documented, Sweden is an authoritarian country that prosecutes people for satire and telling the truth.

Last year, a 70-year-old Swedish woman was prosecuted for hate speech for saying she saw migrants setting fire to cars, something that happens all the time in Sweden.

Swedish police officer Peter Springare is also under investigation for merely observing that “foreign-born offenders” are largely responsible for the country’s gang rape problem.

Last year, Sweden put YouTube star PewDiePie, their biggest export since Abba and Ikea furniture, on an official hate list.

A left wing group in the country is collecting social media posts and attempting to track down the authors for their “crimes of opinion.” The group has been mainly successful in exposing elderly people for “inciting hate” on social media.

With the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats performing well in polls in the run-up to the September 2018 elections, many commentators suggest that Swedes have one last chance to rectify the politically correct hellhole their country has become before it’s too late.