The Muslim invasion of Europe continues unabated and apparently, the people of Europe don’t care enough to stop it, which I believe will cost them a dear price.

As Europe hurtles forward, ever closer to the point of no return, political correctness rules and the people of the once culturally-rich continent are sacrificing their children’s futures rather than risk being called racists.

Great decision! I’m glad I experienced Europe when it was Europe.

From The Sun

Nude sunbathers watched in confusion as the group of more than 30 migrants sprinted into a surrounding forest to evade the pursuing Spanish border guards.

The migrants had just crossed the strait of Gibraltar having sailed from the coast of Morocco.

Their arrival came as the mayor of the nearby port of Algeciras warned that his town, Tarifa, is at the centre of a “new migrant crisis” after 1,000 arrivals flooded it last week.

José Ignacio Landaluce warned his town risked becoming “the new Lampedusa”, referring to an Italian island which has been overrun with migrants.