I expect to see a large contingent of bearded apes with machetes at the next Democrat National Convention, so closely aligned are the philosophies and agendas of ISIS and the Democrat Party.

The party that founded the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa, mirror images in their own right, is also the philosophical twin of ISIS. Both hate America and the American people, both believe in totalitarian/fascistic control of the people. Both abhor individual liberty and democracy, both will lie, cheat, and steal without conscience to meet their ends, and both believe in force as the ultimate method to achieve their goals. Oh, and did I mention that both would love to see President Donald Trump dead, as adherents to their respective ideologies often boast.

OK, so one prefers chopping the heads off of its innocent, defenseless victims while the other enjoys shooting at them as they scamper for cover on a baseball diamond. Different strokes.

Both agree, however, that Hurricane Irma offers a perfect opportunity to inflict real pain and misery upon America and totally destroy President Trump’s cherished home away from home, Mar-a-Lago, which is sitting squarely in the path of the killer storm. And they are both praying for Irma to inflict pain and suffering upon America.

While ISIS is praying to Allah for Trump’s and America’s destruction, liberal weenie Democrats are praying to no one in particular, as they worship no one but themselves. Check out these revolting tweets….

H/T Breitbart

The Monotheist Page, a notorious pro-Jihadi account, posted a series of sick posts reveling in Irma’s destruction