Among President Trump’s most admirable qualities is his ability to trigger liberal weenies into convulsive seizures and crawling off to a corner of their favorite safe spaces to wait out the making of America great again.

Precious snowflake Alyssa Milano admits that she made the horrible mistake of visiting President Trump’s Twitter page and reading his tweets over the past few days, enough star-spangled America First to make any liberal weenie cry like a baby and start sucking his or her thumb, which is how Milano wound up after a good dose of America First, “curled up in the fetal position,” which made patriots from sea to shining sea, including yours truly, laugh our asses off.

Enjoy a bit of New Year’s Eve drama/comedy featuring a delicate snowflake and the patriots who responded to her….







And sure to cause Milano another week curled up in a corner….

And this one should be good for eleven years in the fetal position….