I wonder if the warthogs on The View are feeling a little stupid right now over their constant bludgeoning of President Trump for what they bemoaned as his “dangerous” rhetoric toward Kim Jong Un and his hermit kingdom.

Of course not! For their own benefit, God endowed stupid people with the inability to realize they are stupid. It’s a survival mechanism. Thus, stupid people will say stupid things all day, every day and never understand the looks of pity from those to whom they are speaking.

In no uncertain terms, President Trump promised Kim Jong Un a bitter end engulfed in American “fire and fury,” sending the usual suspects on the left into convulsive seizures. Now that his tough, frank, and honest “fire and fury” talk has worked and Kim is coming to the table to negotiate an end to his nuclear ambitions, will those usual suspects on the left pay Trump his due? Ha!

Enjoy this parade of stupid people slamming President Trump for his tough talk regarding North Korea. (also enjoy the bonus video below and please take our poll)

And, what parade of fools would be complete without the contribution of Max Wig (Maxine Waters)?┬áListen as she slams President Trump for his “bluffing and threatening.”

That just goes to show you, Max, that Kim Jong Un is much smarter than you. Kim KNOWS that President Trump isn’t bluffing! When you are holding five aces, there is no need to bluff.

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