That low rumble you hear outside is a great wailing and gnashing of teeth of liberal weenies from sea to shining sea.

This should be a very revealing video to any liberal who possesses even a shred of fair-mindedness and finds himself or herself on the fence over the recent Kanye West uproar within the liberal universe.

Here, you have not only a black man but a bazillionaire celebrity. Not only a bazillionaire celebrity but a superstar rapper. Not only a superstar rapper but a Hollywood regular. THIS is the description of a card-carrying, foaming-at-the-mouth, brain-dead liberal weenie, yes?

Hold that thought.

The man we are talking about is Kanye West. He is all of those things, except he is apparently not a close-minded liberal weenie, regardless of his Hollywood, celebrity, bazillionaire credentials. He escaped somehow. He is an American, an open-minded, freethinking American who does not follow crowds, whether they be trending left or right, but rather follows his own heart and mind and makes his decisions accordingly. He is a patriot.

Watch the sickening display of liberal blindness in the following video as they discuss Kanye’s open-mindedness, which they describe as “out of touch” and “cooning,” a term used by blacks to describe other blacks as pandering to whites, all because Kanye had the temerity to support a conservative black woman, actually admiring her courage. All liberals know that you do not support conservatives, no matter their color or gender.

Then, it happened! It was revealed that not only is Kanye supporting a conservative black woman, he is…. OH, NO!…. at the 6:50 mark…. get ready for it…. the radio host, who was describing a 30-minute conversation he had with Kanye, declared that Kanye told him, “I do love Donald Trump,” then repeated the words Kanye spoke to him: “I love Donald Trump.” The look of despair on the faces of the others in the studio who had theretofore been piling on Kanye for his support of a conservative black woman is worth a fortune.