Jeb Bush insults President Trump again, claiming that his children don’t love him. The twitter responses were brutal

Still playing the bitter loser during a speaking engagement at Yale University, Jeb Bush declared from the start of his speech that he was not going to talk about his loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. “I’m not going to talk about the 2016 election,” Bush said. “I’m still in therapy.” Many yucks, right?

VIDEO: Wow! Little Jebby is encouraging voters to stay home rather than vote for Trump

Little Jebby is encouraging voters to vote for neither candidate, all because he, the anointed GOP establishment candidate, is still a little butthurt over the spanking Trump gave him

Jeb! Quits! He needs the rest.

By Thomas Madison Just minutes ago, Jeb Bush announced that he is suspending his campaign. I don’t know what to say except, “Adios, amigo!” Bush spent more than $1,150 per voter in New Hampshire. OUCH! I’m sure he did as […]

VIDEO: Watch as Jeb Bush validates why most conservatives think he is a total loser and his poll numbers are in the toilet

By Thomas Madison I bet even Barbara Bush thinks Jeb is a total loser. Jeb believes (3:00 mark) that Russia is “certainly not a regional power.” Really, Jeb? What rock have you been living under since birth. Russia is not […]

Struggling Jeb Bush has a hissy fit, tells the American people he has better things to do than grace them with his presence in the Oval Office

By Thomas Madison THIS is the face of the new Republican Party, RINOs. Get used to it! From Sarah Jones, Politicus USA Just 24 hours after Jeb Bush downsized his campaign to fit his struggle in the polls, Bush tells […]

How can someone 6’3 have a Napoleon complex? At last night’s debate Jeb Bush stood on his tip toes to appear much taller than Trump

By Thomas Madison Very sad. At last night’s GOP debate, Jeb Bush did all he could to appear much taller than his opponents, including standing on his tip toes. Standing beside Donald Trump, who is 6’2, the 6’3 Bush stood […]

Watch as Jeb Bush saps what little energy this crowd has left. He sounds like he is reading from the local white pages

By Thomas Madison Breakthrough insomnia cure discovered! Total Zero, by Jeb Bush. Donald Trump is right again, except “low energy” is an understatement. Inspiring this crowd to tears, the pain is visible on the faces of those in the audience. Watch […]

LOL! Jeb Bush tweet is hilarious! He has apparently outsourced his marketing to a class of third-graders

Photo, above: Jeb Bush, meeting with his Director of Marketing By Thomas Madison If the new marketing initiative by the Jeb Bush for President Carnival is any indication of how he will perform as chief executive, then we should all […]