By Thomas Madison

I bet even Barbara Bush thinks Jeb is a total loser.

Jeb believes (3:00 mark) that Russia is “certainly not a regional power.” Really, Jeb? What rock have you been living under since birth. Russia is not only a regional power, but a global superpower. They have been for 50 years. Where the hell have you been?

When the CNN reporter asked Jeb if he thought Trump would make a better president than Hillary Clinton (2:55 mark), candidate Bush had a very hard time being honest, fumbling his words and looking like the moron that he is. So, he dodged the question, which prompted the CNN reporter to stand Jeb up and ask the question a second time. The former Florida governor (how the hell did he convince the people of Florida to vote for him, anyway?) said this, and I am not kidding! “I’ve learned not to answer questions. That’s one of the things you do now in political discourse. Your answer would be (nervous chuckle) what you want to say.” Unbelievable!

The CNN reporter challenged brain-dead Bush, asking him, “Wait. So, you’re just not going to answer outright? Don’t Republican voters deserve to know? You’re attacking Donald Trump every day now.” At this point, Bush, crashing and burning, showed his complete incompetence, proving that he will lie and do anything necessary to advance his own parasitic ass!

Jeb, the loser, also declared that Donald Trump is not a “serious candidate.” Bwaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!! Don’t look now, Jeb, but The Donald is kicking your sorry ass, which still has a silver spoon stuck in it, by about 40 points. You should get out of the race NOW and save your donors a lot of money, then take up stand-up comedy. You won’t make any money, but at least it’s an honest job.

From CNN