Those of us of age recall the label that liberal Democrats hung around the neck of George Bush, the elder – “wimp.” He wasn’t really a wimp, he was a war hero. But the Democrats pinned that label on him anyway and it stuck.

Well, I reckon the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Channeling his inner Pee Wee Herman, Little Jebby is encouraging voters to vote for neither candidate, all because he, the anointed GOP establishment candidate, is still a little butthurt over the spanking and humiliating defeat Donald Trump handed him. It’s like Mike Tyson knocking an opponent’s block off, then the opponent sitting in his corner whimpering and refusing to play any more. A real man would congratulate Tyson and shake his hand after the fight, unless, of course, the opponent is Evander Holyfield, who had an ear chewed off by Iron Mike. I remain grateful that The Donald never resorted to that. Pardon my digression.

So, low energy Jeb, easily the most liberal and goofiest looking candidate of the sixteen Republican hopefuls duly dispatched by Trump, is encouraging voters to stay home on election day like him. How childish!

Go away, Son of Wimp! America has no further use of you. We need no cowards, no incompetents, no wimps! Stay home on Election Day. In fact, stay home every day! Stay out of the public eye, you establishment parasite.