Liberal MTV racist/culture writer accuses Jeff Sessions of kidnapping a little girl at Toys R Us. The little girl is Sessions’ granddaughter. No matter, the cockroach continues his racist rant

Ira Madison is what passes for a “culture writer” at MTV. He is also clearly a racist and a poor excuse for a human being.

Hamas is demanding that facebook restore its freedom of expression, you know, like expressing themselves by committing mass murder. Not kidding!

As reported yesterday by Powdered Wig, facebook has blocked more than 100 pages affiliated with the terrorist organization Hamas. Today, Hamas is demanding its right to free expression and demanding that facebook return it. No, I’m not kidding. Hamas, known […]

VIDEO: Republican congressman removes painting in Capitol depicting cops as pigs that was put up by a Democrat congressman

Out of respect for law enforcement, Hunter removed the disgusting painting from the wall and returned it to Clay, who vows to rehang the disgraceful work.

Welcome to our world! Wringing their hands, Obama and Clinton operatives struggle to find new jobs

Completely out of touch for the past eight years, Democrats are now getting a taste of the medicine they have been pouring down the throats of We the People since the coronation of Barack Hussein.

VIDEO: The horrifying moment a Muslim terrorist with a truck kills four innocent Israelis in Jerusalem

Out of concern for being labeled a “sensationalist,” I was reluctant to post this video, but I think it is important to remind ourselves just what level of scum and trash we are dealing with.

The entire world is off-the-charts optimistic and eagerly awaiting Donald Trump’s economic policies, as the US economy drives the global economy

U.S. growth will bleed into the world economy, according to Deutsche, which pushed its 2017 global GDP forecast from 3 percent to 3.4 percent.

VIDEO; BOOM! Russia and the US joining forces to rid the world of evil. First target in the crosshairs…. George Soros!

George Soros has been responsible for untold misery around the globe, including the American people. It’s what gets him off. Like all liberals, nothing matters more than his own personal gratification.

BREAKING VIDEO: Iranian vessels threaten US Navy ships again while Barack Hussein approves a massive shipment of uranium to Iran

Of course, we know that Iran’s intentions for the nuclear material are peaceful. We know this to be true because they said so and they would never lie. They also promised to blow Israel off the map.

RARE VIDEO: Hitlery Clinton telling the truth. Just kidding. She’s lying again. Muslims have “nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

Hollywood actors and liberal politicians are little more than professional liars. They get paid for making us believe what isn’t real. No wonder they get along so well together.

VIDEO: Barf bag alert! Check out this steaming pile of elitist Hollywood entitlement delivered by Meryl Streep as she slams Trump and We the People

Grab a barf bag and check out this steaming pile of elitist Hollywood entitlement delivered by Meryl Streep at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

The mainstream media is ignoring the Fort Lauderdale terrorist’s ties to ISIS and Islam. They simply do not match the “religion of peace” narrative

The mainstream media credo is, “If it doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative, it isn’t news,” which we in the consuming public refer to as “fake news.”

Facebook did the right thing, shutting down over 100 Hamas-linked facebook pages

Sorry, Hamas, our First Amendment stops at promoting murder. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg did the right thing.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas threatened Donald Trump on Friday to not cross his red line

Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, threatened Donald Trump on Friday to not cross his red line by moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

BREAKING! Truck attack in Jerusalem by Palestinian believed to be an ISIS sympathizer kills four Israeli soldiers, wounds thirteen others

Four Israeli soldiers were killed in a terrorist truck attack today in Jerusalem. Three of the four killed were women. Police at the scene shot and killed the terrorist who has been identified as a Palestinian with ISIS ties.

US Consulate official shot in Guadalajara, Mexico. US Embassy warns American citizens to “restrict their movements outside their homes to those truly essential”

The US embassy in Mexico has cautioned American citizens living in Guadalajara to “restrict their movements outside their homes and places of work to those truly essential.”

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