BOOM! President Trump’s newest order begins the process of drastically reducing the size of the federal government

Some of the department chiefs may very well recommend the complete elimination of their organizations in my opinion, while others will likely recommend a significant reduction in the size of their organizations.

The list of sanctuary jurisdictions which are violating federal law has ballooned to nearly 500

I believe they are in for an even bigger surprise. The first sanctuary jurisdiction whose police release an illegal alien without notifying federal authorities, which has already happened by the way.

Here is Rand Paul’s Obamacare replacement, which is far superior to Paul Ryan’s Rinocare

Rinocare, being nothing more than a steaming pile of Obama Light, must die a quick death, although its chief proponent Paul Rino is doing all he can to shove it down the throats of the American people.

AUDUO: Another pundit joins the growing chorus of experts screaming from the rooftops that Barack Hussein is intent upon deposing President Trump

Perkins claims that Obama leads an army of 30,000 loyal soldiers, all devoted to deposing President Trump. This is seditious conspiracy, plain and simple.

Senate Democrats enjoy keeping Americans in danger of terrorist attacks. They are pushing a bill to kill President Trump’s extreme vetting order

One thing is certain. Political correctness will not stop terroristic attacks. We have a Muslim problem! Baptists are not blowing up skyscrapers and cutting the heads off of Christians.

Democrats threaten to shut down the government if President Trump attempts to build a border wall

I truly believe the scummy Democrats in Congress, which is just about all of them, will not get it until We the People who put Donald Trump in the White House march on Washington in a massive force.

VIDEO: Sedition! Before leaving office, Barack Hussein instructed White House officials to continue the conspiracy to depose President Trump

Not only did Barack Hussein engineer the entire “Trump is a Russian agent” lie, he also left instructions with White House staffers to join the conspiracy to depose President Trump.

Viral video: Drone surveilling a lady in her house, she comes out with a shotgun, drone beats a hasty retreat

She is extremely annoyed at the drone invading her privacy and starts throwing things at the drone, which has no effect. She then goes back inside and reappears with what looks like a shotgun.

President Trump and DOJ are fast-tracking deportations, deploying 50 judges to immigration detention centers, where they will adjudicate deportations 16 hours a day

President Trump and his Department of Justice have deployed 50 federal judges to immigration detention facilities across the United States to expedite the massive backlog of over 500,000 deportation cases.

To beat border enforcement a Mexican drug cartel ran $101 milllion marijuana plantation in east Texas, hundreds of miles into the US

The Los Zetas drug cartel established a series of large scale marijuana plantations in east Texas. Authorities found 15 marijuana plantations and seized 77,000 plants worth more than $101 million.

Neil Gorsuch receives American Bar Association’s highest rating for Supreme Court. Confirmation imminent

By unanimous vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee Neil Gorsuch has been determined to be “Well Qualified” to serve on the United States Supreme Court, in perfect agreeement with the American Bar Association’s evaluation.

Eight signs that the Clintons will be arrested and prosecuted soon

We all know the web of criminal corruption is massive, deep and broad, and it involves many household names, especially the names of liberal politicians who thought they could get away with anything forever.

Great article from an Air Force “lifer,” describing America from LBJ to date

For you staunch Republicans in office, don’t gloat so much yourselves. You’ve been put on notice by the American people that we’re fed up with ALL YOU BASTARDS!

Mattis nominates Muslim Brotherhood tool as top Pentagon civilian. Trump says HELL NO!

Not only does Anne Patterson possess ZERO defense experience, she is a whisker from being on the terrorist watch list. In fact, liberty-loving Egyptians believe she IS a terrorist! (photo,above)

Scary! Angela Merkel declares that it is too late, Germany WILL become an Islamic state

Many believe that it is too late, that the beautiful, culturally rich nations of Europe are losing their identity, rapidly submitting to Islam, and together morphing into a European Islamic caliphate.

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