The 9th US Kangaroo Court of Appeals has an 80% history of losing in the Supreme Court. “Presemptively reversible,” Trey Gowdy calls the 9th

Lawyers claim it is good to be ruled against by the 9th Circuit, as you will then surely win in the Supreme Court, as the 9th Circuit has a track record of being overturned in the Supreme Court in 80% of its cases.

VIDEO: Reinforcing Trump’s ban, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says that terrorists are “definitely” among the refugees

Assad is a secular leader, not a foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim, which is the kind of leader Barack Hussein wanted at the head of all Middle East nations, and is why Hussein tried so hard to depose him.

Chelsea Clinton has a new job: FAKE NEWS! Busted by leftist site Snopes twice in two days for tweeting fake news

Busted twice in two days by leftist fact-checker Snopes, Chelsea can’t get away with the stuff Mom and Pop used to get away with.

The Trump Effect! Market/consumer confidence is off the charts since the inauguration of Donald Trump

Behold! There is a new sheriff in town. His plan to Make America Great Again is moving along at an alarming speed compared to the Golfers-in-Chief who have previously occupied the White House.

Just another day at the office for Mad Dog Mattis as US airstrikes take out 11 more al-Qaeda operatives, including high-ranking Abu Hani al-Masri, pal of bin Laden

The Pentagon says two U.S. airstrikes in Syria last week killed 11 al Qaeda operatives, including one with ties to Osama bin Laden and other senior al Qaeda leaders.

VIDEO: CA Senator admits half of his family is in the US illegally, but since they work and pay taxes, it’s OK. Plus hilarious bonus video of him describing a “Ghost gun”

His justification for his family’s illegality? They “work hard and pay taxes.” Sorry, dude, working hard and paying taxes does not justify violating the law. Try stealing a car and see if that excuse works in court.

Sarah Jessica Parker is “terrified” that Trump fans are going to shoot her. Well, they shoot horses, don’t they?

No, Sarah, I am not saying you look like a horse, even though I have heard the comparison made many times. OK, maybe you look a little bit like a horse.

VIDEO: Cal Fullerton prof punches pro-Trump student in the face during Trump hatefest

Physical assault against young Republicans so insolent as to believe that they also enjoy the right to free speech is necessary in Libville, where such assault is encouraged and applauded.

More on Pizzagate and the arrests of 70 high-profile politicians involved in the pedophile ring

The abusing of innocent children as just another subset of prostitution? Difficult to imagine; impossible to justify.
But it’s time now. We will never have a better chance to defeat this horror.

Unbelievable! Check out this political hit piece of a letter Chicago Public Schools sent home with the children attacking President Trump and Illinois’ Republican governor

Chicago, as well as most of our major cities that have found themselves in severe financial trouble, has been governed and controlled by liberal Democrats for decades.

BOOM! The Trump Effect! In January the US gained 5,000 manufacturing jobs, lost 10,000 government jobs

The most important takeaway is manufacturers are adding jobs as market confidence continues to soar and government jobs (restrictions to freedom) are going bye-bye.

VIDEO: Pizzagate about to explode wide open. Many sources reporting 70 arrests to be made in DC and NYC this week. Names named!

According to “an FBI insider,” there will be 70 arrests made this week in Washington and New York of famous politicians involved in the human trafficking of children.

The judge who granted the injunction against President Trump’s travel ban based his decision on a barefaced like, and he knows it!

Judge James Robarts, the federal judge who granted an injunction against President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, based his decision on a barefaced lie.

VIDEO: World class imbecile Maxine Waters is now declaring that Putin is invading Korea. Plus other notable Maxine quotes

That Vladimir Putin, what a cut up. Always clowning. Now he is invading Korea, which was news to me, but Maxine Waters, the Capitol Hill resident moron, says it is true, so it must be, right?

VIDEO: Wow! Watch Judge Jeanine interview this brain-dead liberal. You won’t believe what she says

Oh, my God! If you are on blood pressure medication, double dose an hour before watching this video.

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