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VIDEO: Great news for Marine Le Pen! Perennial loser Barack Hussein is backing Macron

I do, however, remember many losers. In fact, the last thing any candidate should want is to be backed by Barack Hussein. It is the certain kiss of death. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask Hitlery. LOSE!

BREAKING! House passes bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, stripping Planned Parenthood funding

OK, I am officially completely confused by what is going on in Washington. The budget bill that was passed by the House two days ago included funding for Planned Parenthood, one of the most objectionable parts of the bill, in […]

FLASHBACK VIDEO: Vintage Donald Trump taking the gloves off, and the mic, walking out on a reporter

President Trump’s contempt for CNN is not a recent phenomenon, however. In 1990 CNN reporter Charles Feldman pressed Trump on questions regarding the financial stability of his Atlantic City casinos.

King Pudgy is playing with fire! North Korean missile tests aimed at defeating US THAAD missile defense system

North Korea’s most recent missile tests have been aimed at overwhelming the US THAAD missile defense system based in South Korea.

Arresting 25 Antifa rioters on Monday, Portland Oregon police have gotten the message that it is the only way to stop the lawless violence

The only way to stop the Antifa fascists is to hold them accountable for their lawless actions. Arrest and prosecute them. Portland, Oregon police have gotten the message.

House passes smelly budget. A Republican president, a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and an overwhelming Democrat victory.

How is this possible? I am speechless. A Republican president, a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and an overwhelming Democrat victory. What is wrong with this picture?

Anyone surprised? Iran is using the billions of dollars Barack Hussein gifted them to build their military’s offensive capability

As if we didn’t know this was coming. Iran is investing the billions of dollars gifted them by Barack Hussein into their military’s offensive capability.

Americans are livid over Paul Rino’s liberal budget package. If it passes, I expect President Trump to veto

If this budget passes the House with the help of the duplicitous Rinos, which frankly I do not expect considering the public outrage, I believe President Trump will veto it. I certainly hope so.

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham blasts Paul Rino. “Why is he there? If you can’t put points on the board, you can’t be the quarterback”

Fire Paul Ryan! He is the best friend the Democrats ever had and the worst enemy of We the People. Put Newt Gingrich back in the Speaker’s chair if you want to see President Trump’s agenda become reality.

VIDEO: “Kill Trump! Kill Pence!” – The new mantra of the Antifa assclowns. May DOJ arrest and prosecute them all

They have been conditioned to believe that they are untouchable, above the law, that they can do whatever they want, that they can use any sort of language they choose regardless of how threatening or profane it is.

How about some good news for a change? Trump and Putin are forging an alliance to resolve the problems in Syria and North Korea

In my opinion, if both the US and Russia back Assad, one of the few secular leaders in the region, then the problem in Syria will be resolved in a hurry.

Democrats are partying like it is 1999 over Paul Rino’s stinking budget plan

Democrats are beside themselves with glee, high-fiving and somersaulting up and down the halls of the Capitol in celebration of what they perceive as a tremendous victory over President Trump and We the People.

This is the border wall Democrats funded for President Trump, who is applauding this flimsy “fence.” Major letdown

THIS (photo, above) is the existing border wall near Brownsville, Texas. A coyote with a torch can cut through one of the vertical supports in probably five minutes, allowing his clients to stroll right through to the promised land.

If Paul Rino loves it, you know it sucks! Ryan applauding budget bill

You had better count your fingers after shaking hands with Paul Rino, who is actually praising the big government/big spending budget bill that strips nearly every item included in President Trump’s original proposed budget.

Conservative PAC pulls its support for President Trump claiming he has “caved”

THIS is why President Trump should not sign the horrible budget Congress is sending him. His massive conservative support is eroding quickly. He can stop the bleeding but he must act now. DO NOT sign the budget, Mr. President!

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