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More love and compassion from the left. Liberal teacher praying that only “trumptards” were killed in Las Vegas. She is teaching our kids, folks!

More love, tolerance, and compassion from the left. Check out this liberal waste product who is praying that only “trumptards” were killed in Las Vegas.

CBS executive on Vegas victims: “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Geftman-Gold posted these remarks in a reply to her facebook page. She and her pals have obviously labeled the shooter a right wing redneck and all the victims “Republican gun-toters.” How do you combat such stupidity? Thankfully, CBS has done the right thing and fired the evil witch for her thoughtless cruelty.

Frantic audio from a Puerto Rican cop in tears telling the truth about who is to blame for hurricane relief aid not reaching victims. It isn’t Trump!

Listen, in the audio, below, to this desperate Puerto Rican cop (or employee of a police department) who is at Ground Zero with the Puerto Rican people who lack food and water and basic necessities and have no means to acquire them unless they are delivered, which is not happening, at least not very effectively. 

US aid is sitting in trucks at Puerto Rico port, unable to move because Teamsters union is using hurricane as an excuse to strike while people suffer

Using the hurricane as leverage to gain more money and benefits for truckers, the Teamsters Union has gone on strike and its president is not allowing truck drivers to report to the port to haul aid to the people so desperately in need of it. Union leader Victor Rodriguez has brought the island to its knees.

VIDEO: Perpetrator of the worst mass murder in US history identified

Police have identified the perpetrator of the worst mass murder in US history, which happened last night in Las Vegas at a country music concert. Reports so far are over 50 dead, over 400 wounded. 

BREAKING BOMBSHELL! Reports are that Oakland Raiders’ all-black offensive line threw last week’s game, allowing its white QB to get sacked four times

Reports from reliable sources, one a starting offensive lineman for the Raiders, are revealing that last Sunday’s game (9/24) was thrown by the offensive line to spite their quarterback, who they are paid to protect, simply because he stood for the national anthem.

VIDEO: Puerto Rico Democrat mayor on hurricane aid: “We are dying and you are killing us!” Blaming President Trump in Oscar-worthy performance

Waddling out before the cameras and many pallets of untouched aid, Mayor Caren Yuliz Cruz Soto turned in an Oscar-worthy performance, pleading and groaning, exclaiming that the people of San Juan “are dying,” and it is all President Trump’s fault.

Michelle Obama claims women who didn’t vote for Hitlery are stupid sheep who only like what they are told to like

Like a stubborn zit that refuses to go away, Michelle Obama is now telling American women who voted for President Trump how stupid they are. They could have had Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in the Oval Office, who really respects […]

NFL favorability cut in half in one week

All President Trump did was give a voice to a seething undercurrent of resentment across the country, evidenced in any metric you choose, from ticket sales to public burnings by fans of NFL gear and tickets to this newest brand tracking survey from Morning Consult.

VIDEO: Anheuser-Busch has invited you to call them to let them know what you think of the kneeling crybaby millionaires. Call them! I did. It’s easy

Budweiser is red, white, and blue. Unfortunately, the NFL is not. I believe they have taken us all for granted, they have made TOO much money, which they now feel entitled to. They believe they OWN their fan base.  Anheuser-Busch has made it easy for us to call them to provide feedback. Call them! 

BOMBSHELL! Federal judge smacks down State Dept. and DOJ lawyers protecting Hitlery, will review unredacted Clinton emails on camera

In the case of the many very important and most likely very damning redacted emails involving Hitlery Clinton’s use of a private server, a federal judge has just shot down the protection racket of Tillerson-Sessions, Inc., ordering the UNREDACTED emails produced before her for her review on camera.

Melania Trump sent free books to schools across the country. A liberal weenie librarian in Cambridge, Mass returned hers with an insulting letter

The individual in the photo, above, is not Olive Oil, as I suggested in an earlier tweet. Popeye was kind enough to send me a recent photograph of the real Olive Oil and I agree, she is far better looking than Lez Sombrero, the librarian at Cambridgeport School, the true subject of the photo, above.

VIDEO: Steelers trying to repair the damage! “I promise you one thing this week: We’ll all be standing out there for the national anthem.” Too late for me

Although Pouncey himself sounds very sincere, there is something lost for me knowing that many of his teammates will be standing because they are being forced to stand, still resentful, still entitled, still hating America, still believing that all cops want to do is shoot black people.

BOOM! Stubhub is advertising 10% discount on NFL tickets

It didn’t take long for the NFL to realize the gravity of the situation their stupidity has put them in. Stubhub is advertising 10% discount on NFL tickets.

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