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Arresting 25 Antifa rioters on Monday, Portland Oregon police have gotten the message that it is the only way to stop the lawless violence

The only way to stop the Antifa fascists is to hold them accountable for their lawless actions. Arrest and prosecute them. Portland, Oregon police have gotten the message.

VIDEO: “Kill Trump! Kill Pence!” – The new mantra of the Antifa assclowns. May DOJ arrest and prosecute them all

They have been conditioned to believe that they are untouchable, above the law, that they can do whatever they want, that they can use any sort of language they choose regardless of how threatening or profane it is.

Antifa thug pleads guilty to felony charges for Inauguration day rioting. Faces 1 to 3 years

You cannot do what you want when it involves injuring others. I thought that was already understood by everyone. I guess liberals thought they were exempted from pesky things like laws.

Antifa attacker who severely bludgeoned a Trump supporter with a bike lock at Berkeley has been identified and his occupation is not at all surprising!

Eric Clanton should be fired, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced. And by “sentenced,” I don’t mean 100 hours of community service. I mean a year or more in the slammer for felonious assault.

VIDEO: Chaos in Berkeley. Antifa attacks pro-Trumpers, who counterattack, chasing Antifa down the street

We all know how loving and tolerant and open and accepting of everyone liberals are, right? NOT! They only claim to be. They are really close-minded bigots.

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