America wins! The painting hanging in the US Capitol that depicts police as pigs has been ordered to be removed permanently

Clay and a handful of other black Democrat congressmen rehung the despicable painting, and again Republican congressmen took it down. This hang-and-rehang routine went on for days.

BOOM! Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have introduced legislation that will defund the United Nations. Send the parasites packing!

On Thursday, Republican Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced legislation that would defund the United Nations over the Security Council’s passage of UN Resolution 2334.

Massive food stamp fraud: $2.6 billion in food stamps redeemed by dead people

These 3,394 retailers redeemed about $2.6 billion in SNAP benefits,” the inspector general said. The 193 businesses that reported child owners redeemed $41 million in food stamps.

VIDEO: Bikers for Trump vow to form a “wall of meat” to prevent protesters from disrupting Trump’s inauguration

The backbone of the biker community is the veteran. So these are guys that aren’t really used to backing down. You certainly won’t see bikers out there screaming, calling for destruction of private property.

VIDEO: Neil Cavuto’s best segment ever, poking partisan liberal hack CNN in the eye after Trump puts the steaming pile of fake news in its place

No longer will the official Democrat Politburo Propaganda Division, aka the mainstream media, be permitted to openly editorialize against all politicians who are not card-carrying members of the beltway elite.

VIDEO: Crazy Uncle Joe goes all verklempt when Barack Hussein surprises him with the Medal of Freedom. Plus a look at our favorite Crazy Uncle Joe gaffes

Watch Crazy Uncle Joe get all emotional as his pal and lame duck President Barack Hussein, surprises him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he also awarded to himself.

BOOM! Step #2 out of the way. The House today passed a resolution to repeal Obamacare. The Senate passed the measure earlier in the week

Many were wondering if Obamacare would survive President Trump’s first term in office. The handwriting on the wall is it is going to be toast before Barack Hussein leaves office.

Rosie O’Donnell is calling for martial law to stop Donald Trump from being inaugurated

Rosie is not a fat pig. That is an insult to fat pigs everywhere. Rosie O’Donnell is a disgusting manatee, as is clear in the pic above of Rosie at home in the pool.

VIDEO: Snowflakes want to prevent a peaceful transition of power on January 20

Remember how we red-blooded patriots disrupted Obama’s transition to power because we didn’t agree with his policies? Remember that, when we burned liquor stores and stopped traffic?

Oh, the irony! GOP House members keep taking down the Capitol painting of police as pigs. Dems are tired of it, so they are complaining to ….the POLICE! Not kidding!

So, where is Representative Clay turning for help to keep the painting up that depicts the police as pigs? Why, the police, of course.

Oops! George Soros bet on the market tanking with Trump’s election, losing a billion dollars in the past month

Geroge Soros bet big on the market tanking should Trump win the election. He lost his ass, a billion dollars, according to The Wall Street Journal via Business Insider.

Boom! The US Senate has set the wheels in motion to repeal Obamacare in a late night vote last night

Boom! Still a week to go to Donald Trump’s inauguration and Congress has set the wheels in motion to repeal Obamacare, as promised.

Video compilation: In his 50-minute farewell speech, Narcissist-in-Chief Barack Hussein mentioned himself 79 times. Go away, already!

During his roughly 50-minute speech, lame duck Hussein mentioned himself 79 times, proving that clearly the past eight years has been about himself, not the American people.

Not only is Trump working for $1 a year, he is now donating all profits from foreign governments at his family’s hotels to the US Treasury

They laughed when Donald Trump declared himself a candidate for President of the United States. It isn’t funny anymore, so they are doing all that they can to make his life as miserable as their own.

Food Porn! The disgusting decadence that is Washington. A DC restaurant offers a “Golden Showers Burger,” perpetuating the fake news while poking Donald Trump in the eye

A favorite pastime of the liberal beltway parasites who populate America’s cultural cesspool is poking conservative politicians in the eye, even when the source of their sport is fake news.

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