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Breaking! Police had 6 minutes to stop Paddock before he began killing. They knew he had shot a security guard and exactly where he was, yet it took them 26 minutes to get to him

Paddock did not begin shooting at concertgoers until six minutes after he shot Campos, meaning that police knew there was an active shooter at Mandalay Bay, they knew exactly which room he was in, and yet it took them 26 minutes to get to him.

VIDEO: Wow! The arrogance! “White people do not get to tell black folks or anybody else what is acceptable form of protest!” says black guest

Why does everything have to be about race with some people? Americans don’t really care how you protest, but they do care when you protest, and during the national anthem, a sacred moment, would be one of the very few times any America-loving patriot would object.

VIDEO: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says any player who does not stand for the national anthem “will not play.” There is only one thing wrong with that

Will your newfound patriotism work? Not with me. I’m finished with the NFL. You can’t rape a woman, then tell her how much you respect her as you are walking out the door.

A friend and fellow conservative writer has been targeted by liberals who have vandalized his car and home. Please share this and help if you can

A fellow conservative writer and friend, Warner Todd Huston, has been the victim of criminal vandals recently, believed to be liberal haters. He needs our help. Please donate anything you can, no amount is too small, to help Warner recover from this misfortune and continue to bless America with his patriotic prose.

VIDEO: VP Mike Pence walked out of Indy stadium after several 49er players knelt during the anthem

The former governor of Indiana and his wife, wearing a Manning No. 18 jersey, left Lucas Oil Stadium after the national anthem, following instructions from President Trump after a number of San Francisco 49ers players, as they usually do, took a knee during the anthem.

VIDEO: Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Kim Jong-un and the DPRK Band with their hit counterfeit single, Rocket Man!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, put your hands together for tonight’s feature performance, Kim Jong-un and the DPRK Band in their hit counterfeit single, Rocket Man!

VIDEO: James Woods was stopped on the street and echoed the prevailing attitude among patriots today toward the NFL

With stadiums around the NFL become emptier every Sunday, it appears the league, team owners, and many players are sticking to their game plan of slapping the people in the face who are providing their paychecks.

VIDEO: Professor tells her students that President Trump is responsible for Vegas massacre. Polarizes students, who begin shouting at one another

Our university faculties need a complete overhaul! They are chock-full of leftist morons who feel it is their responsibility to shove their out-of-touch, corrosive political philosophy down the throats of our kids, turning them into mindless zombies, who incidentally enjoy the right to vote.

VIDEO: Hitlery laments of “screaming into my pillow” after her election loss and being forced to attend the “bizarre” inauguration of Donald Trump

She also admitted that she had no concession speech prepared. Really? That’s just stupid! You paid those pollsters to lie. You must have known the truth or did you figure that no one could overcome as much election fraud as you and the Democrat Party had committed?

VIDEO: Bowe Bergdahl to plead guilty next week to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, carrying a likely life sentence

Eight years, six soldiers killed looking for Bowe Bergdahl, many more severely wounded, five of the most dangerous terrorists in Gitmo exchanged in return, and finally justice will be done very shortly.

VIDEO: Redskins’ Terrelle Pryor flips the bird at fans and screams “F*CK YOU!” Fans give it right back to him

During the NFL’s Monday Night Football game between the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, Redskin receiver Terrelle Pryor confronted fans as he was leaving the field, screaming “f*ck you” and giving them the middle finger.

These boots were made for genocide. Nancy Sinatra says all five million “murderous members” of the NRA “should face a firing squad”

Photo, above: Nancy Sinatra, looking like death warmed over herself these days, believes all NRA members should be executed.

VIDEO: Vegas victim describes how two young women saved his life. Shares very patriotic words after visit by two special guests

Las Vegas shooting victim Thomas Gunderson is recuperating in a local hospital after being shot in the lower leg by Stephen Paddock. Gunderson described the horror and how two young women, total strangers, pulled him to safety after he had been shot and was unable to walk.

BOOM! House Homeland Security Committee just passed legislation providing $10 billion for President Trump’s border wall

“We have been talking about border security for so many years and now we finally have a chance to get this done. We finally have a partner in the White House who has prioritized this issue. It’s time for Congress to do its part and get this done.”

VIDEO: NFL crybaby kneels for anthem, gets booed, jumps up screaming, “F*ck you, b*tch” to the crowd, slams his helmet on the ground

Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs hasn’t gotten yet. Fans, nearly all of which are patriots, are offended by his spitting in their faces and dishonoring America’s flag and those who died for it.

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