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VIDEO: Black college president steps in as graduating students boo school choice advocate Betsy DeVos

Many of the graduating students turned their backs on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and boos nearly drowned out her commencement speech.

CONFIRMED! White supremacists have infiltrated the White House!

According to a growing consensus of the aforementioned mental giants, that “A-OK” symbol is really a double secret “white power” message to fellow white supremacists.

Anti-white activism growing on America’s campuses. Check out NC State’s “Dear White People” campaign

We used to call this reverse racism. It was always accepted because political correctness. Now this form of blatant racism is considered constructive on America’s college campuses and “valued” speech. Students at North Carolina State University placed signs across campus […]

Got milk? Then you’re a damned RACIST! Milk is the new symbol of the racist Trump era. Too funny!

I always thought it was funny when Grandpa would angle a teet away from the bucket and squirt his cat in the face, which was always hanging around at milking time. It was a snow white cat too. Little racist bastard!

Liberal MTV racist/culture writer accuses Jeff Sessions of kidnapping a little girl at Toys R Us. The little girl is Sessions’ granddaughter. No matter, the cockroach continues his racist rant

Ira Madison is what passes for a “culture writer” at MTV. He is also clearly a racist and a poor excuse for a human being.

VIDEO: BOOM! Gavin McInnes destroys MTV and its parade of racist morons video that attacks “white guys”

The video begins with a racist/sexist comment from an hispanic female declaring that “America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy” and proceeds with a parade of racist Snowflakes.

VIDEO: Tomi Lahren blowing up MTV over its open war against “white males”

There is a new world coming, Snowflake, and you will either join it or be cast aside as the hateful morons we all knew that you were from the beginning. Love and tolerance, my ass! Hate and bigotry is more like it.

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson blows up another liberal racist

I love watching Tucker Carlson blow up liberals, especially liberals who are also racists, which he did on Monday when he interviewed racial activist Tariz Nasheed.

VIDEO: BOOM! Tucker Carlson flays a black racist talk show host for remarks he made regarding the Ohio State terrorist attack

Watch the video, below, as Carlson dresses down clearly racist talk show host, Tariq Nasheed, beginning the dialogue by calling him a coward, in response to the following tweet….

VIDEO: Black author lists the top five problems facing America’s black community. Neither “racism” nor “police brutality” made the list

What are the five biggest problems facing black Americans? Where do things like racism and police brutality rank?

VIDEO: White man, begging for mercy, is brutally beaten, kicked, stomped, and stripped by a black mob in Charlotte parking garage

The white victim ran into a parking garage and was followed by the mob, who corner him, beat him mercilessly, kick and stomp him, and strip him.

Hitlery’s new campaign ad paints Trump as a KKK hero, even though it was she who accepted a $20,000 campaign donation from the KKK and belongs to the party that founded the KKK

Hitlery actually believes that she can pin the KKK label on Donald Trump, even though it is she who has had ties to the KKK, like her tongue wrestling match with KKK leader Robert Byrd

VIDEO: NFL honcho, Roger Goodell (pictured above) had to approve of Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show, glorifying the Black Panthers

By Thomas Madison NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had to approve of Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance. His primary job is to generate maximum revenue for the NFL. A secondary part of his job is to ensure that the NFL provides […]

VIDEO: At a Black Lives Matter protest five BLM protesters are shot after repeatedly chasing and beating three white, armed videographers

Photo, above, was taken on Nov. 19 when Congressman Keith Ellison and other elected officials spoke at a news conference across the street from the 4th Precinct headquarters Thursday night in Minneapolis. At left is Black Lives Matter organizer Lena […]

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