VIDEO: I rate this one three and a half barf bags. Enjoy one full minute of Nancy “Plastic” Pelosi

It tells you everything you need to know about liberal Democrats. They are liars. They are soulless, subhuman creatures from the swamp President Trump is trying to drain.

VIDEO: Hilariously ironic letter from Nancy Pelosi to Paul Ryan, and Dennis Miller’s take on the former Speaker

Nancy “Out-to-Lunch” Pelosi wants to put the brakes on, slow down, take ten years or so to discuss this. She just said the bill, and I am not kidding….

Nude pics of Nancy Pelosi….

Halloween is behind us, but the horror show in Washington continues. There is an email going around claiming to contain nude pics of Nancy Pelosi. I am warning you not to open this email! No, it isn’t a malicious link or […]

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