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BOOM! The Trump Effect! Illegal border crossings are no longer #1 source of illegal immigration, moving to second place. Rapid turnaround!

Illegal border crossings have dropped so significantly since President Trump’s election that they are no longer the number one illegal immigration problem. Rather, it is visa overstays.

Comey memo is absolute BS! A leprechaun on a unicorn told the NY Times he saw it, which is good enough for Democrats

I saw this story (below) in Young Conservatives last night. They now fully recognize that the Comey memo is complete bullshit.

“F*CK DONALD TRUMP,” the California Democrat faithful chant at their 2017 convention with both middle fingers in the air

The leader of the California Democrat Party offered this parting wisdom to his adoring audience…. “FUCK DONALD TRUMP!” at the 2017 California Democrat Convention.

Sanders supporters sue DNC for bias. DNC defense in court: We can be biased and slimy if we want. We are Democrats. Not kidding!

Their defense in court is that they can rig an election if they want to because they are Democrats and have every right to be slimy. Not kidding!

BOOM! The Trump Effect! Unemployment claims lowest in 28 years

From consumer confidence to the promise of corporate tax cuts to a runaway stock market, employers are investing in their companies again.

The deep state. It must be killed before it kills We the People!

Make no mistake, our enemy is the Deep State, that shadowy, slippery, slimy collection of career parasites located mostly “inside the beltway,” or “the swamp,” as President Trump refers to it.

For upcoming trip to Saudia Arabia, Melania Trump says “Ixnay on the head scarf, Your Royal Hineys!” Their response is telling

Melania Trump says “Ixnay on the head scarf, Your Royal Hineys!” How does the Saudi royal family respond? “Oh, OK then. Dress as you please.”

Huma has had enough Weiner! She files for divorce from the disgraced congressman

Now, Huma has filed for divorce (I didn’t think Muslim women were allowed to do that), showing her boss how to handle a true infidel.

BREAKING! Anthony Weiner just pleaded guilty to “transmitting sexual material to a minor.” Facing two years in prison

Minutes ago, Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to transmitting sexual material to a minor, which could put him in prison for over two years.

BREAKING! Sweden drops rape charges against Julian Assange

Sweden has dropped the rape charges against Julian Assange, although he still faces charges in the UK and US.

VIDEO: Putin offers to turn over recording of President Trump’s meeting with Lavrov to prove that the Democrats are insane

“We are ready to provide the Senate and the US Congress with a recording of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump, but only if the American administration wants it.” Those are the words of Vladimir Putin who claims he can […]

Phrase of the day: “Menstrual equity.” American universities are installing tampon dispensers in men’s restrooms. Not kidding!

America’s once-esteemed universities are in a moral tailspin. Up is now down. Left is now right. Male is now female. But, tampons in men’s restrooms? Really?

Still chasing the Trump/Russia fake news fairy tale, Democrats pressure DOJ to appoint special investigator. Here he is

So, why investigate again? I have no idea! The GOP agreed to it. Why? To finally shut the Democrats up? They should know better than that. The Democrats are never going to shut up.

VIDEO: Fictitious “Comey memo” blown out of the water by Comey’s own testimony before Congress on May 3

Comey’s testimony on May 3 reveals one of two things – either Comey lied under oath before Congress, a felony, or Michael Schmidt is a bare faced LIAR! I’m going with the latter.

VIDEO: Fox Business News’ Charles Payne on the ‘Trump effect’- “The economy is rocking” and “nobody will talk about it”

The plain fact is that the US economy has thrown off the chains of Barack Hussein and is in full confidence runaway mode.

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