German reporter embeds with ISIS, reports they are planning to kill hundreds of millions in “religious cleansing”

By Jordan Schachtel, Breitbart Jurgen Todenhofer, the first Western reporter to embed with Islamic State fighters and not be killed in the process, spoke to Al Jazeera about his time with the terror group. Todenhofer lived side by side with the jihadist […]

Not a good sign. Courage, folks! Never surrender! German anti-Islam group PEGIDA cancels rally over ‘ISIS death threat’

Image above: © AFP/File | Sympathizers of German right-wing populist movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident) attend their twelfth march in Dresden, eastern Germany, 1/12/2015 Hopefully this is just a postponement as Pegida and police tend […]

Ted Nugent’s simple solution to the Islamic extremist problem: “Kill ‘em all and let Satan sort them out. That’s my policy.”

From TED NUGENT, WND Though left-wing apologists, denial cultists and excuse-making whiners will most assuredly try to claim this following NugeBlog is an anti-Islam screed, it is not. It is purely and simply an anti-rabid dog common-sense Teditorial that will […]

7-point strategy to defeating Islamic extremism. I agree with every point, especially #6. Take away their money and they are powerless

SECURING FREEDOM: At Last a Strategy! cyber From John Tutten, Clash Daily Just when you think nothing good can ever again come out of Washington, a ray of pure white light breaks through the perpetual smog. Last Friday, the Center […]

Politically correct Hollande asked Netanyahu to not come to Paris. Netanyahu ignores him

* Politically corrrect Hollande asked Netanyahu to not come to Paris, yet he invited terrorist Palestinian terrorist Mahmoud Abbas to attend * Netanyahu was placed in the second row of the march so that he would not be seen, instead […]

Uncensored video: Kosher supermarket attacker’s last seconds on this earth, plus detailed eyewitness account of attack

By Pamela Geller, via Breitbart On Saturday, I spoke at length with a man named Joseph, a French Jew who had family members and friends inside the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris when it was stormed by Amedy Coulibaly, […]

Conspicuous by his absence. King Barrack Hussein skips anti-terrorism rally in Paris

By Thomas Madison The world came together in a promising way on Sunday. The anti-terrorism rally in Paris drew over a million participants, including more than 50 national leaders from around the globe. Muslim leaders, including officials from the Palestinian […]

More love and compassion from the religion of peace: Ten-year old girl with suicide vest kills 19 in Nigeria

From Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs An Islamic child prodigy, no doubt. Muslims have slaughtered thousands of Christians in Nigeria in the last few days alone. And the media washerwomen say …….. nothing. “Bomb strapped to girl ‘about 10 years old’ […]

Islamic terror cells activated, targeting French police

By Thomas Madison A “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) rally is scheduled to be held on Sunday in Paris, drawing leaders from nations world-wide, including Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas. It has been reported that […]

Charlie Hebdo attack: five killed in Paris as manhunt for gunmen ends

UPDATE: al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks From Matthew Weaver, Josh Halliday, Alexandra Topping, Jonathan Bucks, Alan Yuhas, and Raya Jalabi, The Guardian Members of the French police special forces evacuate hostages after launching the assault at a […]

Dung brothers cornered as French fugitive drama nears conclusion

Twin hostage dramas as Paris massacre suspects cornered Agence France-Presse (AFP) Francois Becker and Richard Carter51 mins ago ALERT: At least two people were shot dead Friday during a hostage-taking drama at a Jewish supermarket in eastern Paris, where at […]

Low gas prices are great, but not so much. Obama and Saudis killing US domestic oil production

By Thomas Madison OK, so OPEC, principally Saudi Arabia, is manipulating the oil market again, driving market prices down. They did this in the early 90s when I was a securities broker in the oil industry in Dallas. In that case OPEC […]

UPDATE: Muslim scumbags trapped in French forest

By Thomas Madison While police scour a forest the Dung brothers are said to be trapped in, it was just announced that Charlie Hebdo will not skip a beat and will make its next publication date. The only difference is […]

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