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Justice is nigh! Clinton Foundation whistleblowers turned over 6000 pages of evidence to the FBI and “knows where all the bodies are buried”

We expected (or hoped) that one day, someone, somewhere, would appear and rat out the family that makes the Gambinos look like Ozzie and Harriet.

VIDEO: Multiple Obama/Clinton investigations now underway. Rep. Matt Gaetz: “They should be concerned because justice may be coming to their doorstep very soon”

Watch as Gaetz explains to Alex Jones that the FBI field office in Little Rock, Arkansas is investigating the Clinton Foundation and these are hardcore frontline investigators, not the dinner party politicians who populate the bureau inside the beltway

Whoa! 2014 Clinton Foundation tax return. They took in $177 million, donated $5 million, spent $86 million doing it, and kept the $86 million change

WARNING! Before reading this, find a big, strong clothespin. Check that. Find a large steel industrial clamp. Clamp both nostrils shut before you begin reading, as a stench is going to fill the room the likes of which you have never experienced before and will never want to experience.

Another witness, expected to testify against the Clinton Foundation next week, found with a bullet in his head

Add another corpse to the Clinton Trail of Bodies. But, just a coincidence, folks. Move along!

Harvard analyst: “Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed the largest case of charity fraud in American history”

Ortel, one of the world’s leading financial experts, claims that the Clintons are also part of a global fraud networks that have acquired billions in fraudulent profits.

VIDEO: $14 billion missing that went through the Clinton Foundation for 2010 relief to Haiti. Where is the money, Bill and Hitlery?

There was $14.3 billion given to the Clinton Foundation for Haiti relief after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Only 2% of that money found its way to the Haitian people in actual relief. Where is the other $14 billion, Bill and Hitlery?

Not exactly Mr. Clean, check out Comey’s resume, which includes connections to the Clinton Foundation and international drug money laundering

Comey’s supporters on the left may try to deny any connection, but they can’t deny history. Let’s examine Comey’s resume.

VIDEO: Former CEO of the Clinton Foundation is begging Russia for “urgent and immediate” asylum, desperately trying to get away from the Clinton machine

Eric Braverman, who is the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, is begging Russia for “urgent and immediate”political asylum, according to many sources.

BOMBSHELL! The Kremlin is reporting a $1.8 billion transfer having just been made from the Clinton Foundation to the Qatar Central Bank. I’m sure for charity. Right?

upon Qatar receiving Hillary Clinton’s $1.8 billion earlier today, one of that sheikdoms royal places was “ordered emptied” in preparation for the “early November arrival” of a “high value” dignitary

Wow! Reported to be a WikiLeaks leaked copy of a Clinton Foundation accounts payable invoice, some of the names are shocking!

If this document is for real it is a bombshell! If anyone knows anything about this image please let me know.

BREAKING BOMBSHELL!! Guccifer 2.0 has hacked the Clinton Foundation’s servers. TARP funds to bail out banks were funneled to Democrat PACS


VIDEO: Wow! Speaking to Donald Trump, former Haitian Senate President accuses the Clintons of stealing billions of dollars from the 2010 Haitian earthquake victims

Where is the $6 billion that was intended for the poor people of Haiti and was under the direct control of Bill Clinton, the former Haitian Senate President wants to know

VIDEO: Watch Fox News’ Mark Thiessen go off on the just-released emails proving more Clinton corruption

“I mean at what point do the Democrats…. just say, ‘ick, gross, I don’t want to be a part of this?”

VIDEO: Wow! Connecting the Hammond persecution, LaVoy Finicum’s death, BLM, deleted emails, uranium deposits, and Clinton donors

I spent seven years in uniform supporting and defending the Constitution of a nation that permits this level of corrupt criminality

The United States Clinton Department of State Foundation investigation has reached a new level

Although investigators have been tripping over smoking guns, there has not been sufficient “proof” to seal the deal on the obvious pay for play

THIS is the steaming pile of corruption that is Hillary Clinton. A convict and Clinton Foundation donor received ten million FREE taxpayer dollars after Hitlery “pulled some strings”

As Secretary of State Hitlery “pulled some strings” to get a scumbag ex-con awarded $10 million taxpayer dollars to build houses in Haiti. Not one house was ever built.

Well, looky yonder! Kazoo Khan is on the Clinton payroll. Check this bank statement showing $375,000 deposited to the Khan Law account from the Clinton Foundation

Hitlery Clinton trotted useful idiot, Genghis Khan, onto the DNC to use his son’s death as a prop for her anti-Trump agenda (I still can’t get the connection). Now look at what we have found!

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