A new trove of Huma Abedin emails has been discovered by Judicial Watch, bringing the Haiti missing money back to the forefront.

There was $14.3 billion given to the Clinton Foundation for Haiti relief after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Only 2% of that money found its way to the Haitian people in actual relief. Where is the other $14 billion, Bill and Hitlery?

A 100% top to bottom audit should be conducted and an accounting of every penny that ever went through the Clinton Foundation. Where are the missing billions of dollars, Bill and Hitlery?

From Judicial Watch
The new Abedin emails also reveal four instances in which Clinton’s then- scheduler Lona Valmoro forwarded the former secretary of state’s detailed daily schedule to top Clinton Foundation officials. In each case, those who received the schedules included Bill Clinton’s personal scheduler and Foundation aide Terry Krinvic, Justin Cooper , a then-aide to President Clinton who helped manage Hillary Clinton’s unsecure email system, and Clinton Foundation director Doug Band.

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The Abedin emails contain information sent from Clinton’s unsecured [email protected] account in which she reminds an aide that she is to have a talk with New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on “cybersecurity” and a reference to a “HRC Support Network”:

From: H [[email protected]]

Sent: Sunday, January 03, 2010 4:10:34 PM

To:[email protected]

CC: Huma Abedin

Subject: Call list and HRC Support Network


Kirsten Gillibrand—cybersecurity

On January 17, 2010, five days after the massive Haitian earthquake, former Bill Clinton aide Justin Cooper emails Hillary Clinton’s then- deputy chiefs of staff, Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin, to ask if they can do a conference call to discuss Haiti. Clinton Foundation officials Laura Graham and Doug Band are also provided the call-in information for the conference call. (Author Peter Schweizer would later describe in his book “Clinton Cash” how the Obama administration, during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, allowed hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer-funded reconstruction contracts for Haiti to flow through the Clinton Foundation.)

According to minutes of a January 27, 2010, senior State Department staff meeting, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents uncovered “at least a couple pedophiles” attempting to adopt children in Haiti following the earthquake.  The State Department was reportedly working with the Haitian government to expedite adoptions and removal to the United States of Haitian orphans.

“These new emails show Hillary Clinton is a serial violator of various laws concerning the handling of classified material,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “The initial investigation into this criminal matter was compromised by Barack Obama’s corrupted FBI and Justice Department.  This new information should spur new federal criminal investigations.”

Powdered Wig’s original article on the Haiti scandal from October, 2016….

I had heard about this video of a public address to Donald Trump at a Trump campaign event a couple of weeks ago, but as often happens I get busy with other things, it goes to the back burner and is no longer breaking news when I get around to watching the video. Much thanks to Powdered Wig reader Cheryl Hecht Hanson Turner for sending me the video. It is intensely powerful, a stinging rebuke of the global Clinton corruption, and an indictment of the Clintons that cannot be ignored, although it certainly has been and will be by the official Democrat Party Communications Bureau, aka the mainstream media.

In this video, Bernard Sansaricq, former Senate president of Haiti, exposes the obscene Clinton corruption that saw a reported $6 billion in relief aid, intended for direct assistance to the 2010 Haitian earthquake victims, and for which Bill Clinton was responsible, practically disappear, less than 2% reaching the Haitian government.

Said Mr. Sansaricq, “Not even 2% of that money went back to Haiti. So, Mr. Trump, we are asking you, begging you, the Haitian community will side with you if one day you ask Hillary Clinton publicly to disclose the audit of all of the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake. (wild applause) Haiti is a very poor country. Haiti needs defenders. You said you would champion our cause. We welcome you sir and we will work with you. But please, ask publicly Hillary Clinton, during your next debate, to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti.”

Sansaricq should be front and center at the next debate and allowed to ask the Wicked Witch of Benghazi to provide an answer as to where the $6 billion went that was intended for the poor people of Haiti and that was under the direct control of her husband.

In an update less than a month later, Sansaricq calculated the missing money that went from donors through the Clinton Foundation and then God knows where at $14.3 billion, less than 2% of which actually made it relieve the suffering in Haiti.

Where is the other $14 billion, Bill and Hillary? In offshore bank accounts, I’m sure.