H/T Joe LaVeque

As my Blue Ridge Mountain grandpap used to say when he had discovered something pleasing, “Well, looky yonder!”

Granted this is only pleasing if you are firmly in the corner of Donald Trump and find Hitlery Clinton a disgusting witch, and I plead guilty on both counts.

A hat tip to Powdered Wig contributor, Joe LaVeque for the find, fellow internet bloggers Get Off The BS for publishing the document, and to infamous hacker, Anonymous, who uhhhh, “retrieved” the doc.

As you can see, the image below is a bank letter from Wells Fargo notifying the Kazoo Khan law firm that The Clinton Foundation is depositing $375,000 into its bank account.

I can’t vouch 100% for the document’s authenticity, as anything can be faked these days (Barack Hussein’s birth certificate), but in my judgement, I believe it is authentic, having vetted it across several credible sources. But, please make your own judgement.

So, what do you think the liberal mainstream media, aka the Clinton Communications Division, will have to say about this? “Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.”

I apologize for the doc’s resolution. We are working to improve it.