I’m not sure what to make of Mitch McConnell’s bold statement Friday night regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

McConnell announced in the video, below, that every single Republican senator is now supporting moving on with the Kavanaugh confirmation.

As opposed to what, killing the nomination on the spot and finding a new nominee? If we vote for confirmation today, we have all 51 necessary votes to confirm Kavanaugh?

Does this mean there will be no FBI investigation or a watered-down investigation? After all, the Senate did a fairly thorough job of investigating this eleventh-hour allegation already, and Kavanaugh was totally exonerated by all four witnesses his accuser claimed were present at the party where the sexual assault allegedly took place, especially one witness, Mark Judge, who Christine Ford claims participated in the assault. All four witnesses have refuted her claim, which now appears to be completely bogus. What more can the FBI find out?

From the start, I have been of the opinion that Ford is lying. Not mistaken. Lying! Being the cynic I am, I have searched for the possible reasons she is lying. She is a known Trump-hating liberal, pussyhat marcher. We know that. Could the bankrolls of George Soros, et al. be a factor? Certainly.

Given that I believe Ford is lying her ass off for unknown reasons, my greatest fear at this point is that for the same reason, a corroborating witness will be bought appear out of thin air, and like Ford, will be mysteriously unable to pin down dates or times or even the place, but will be absolutely, 100% certain that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Christine Ford, just a sweet innocent girl and me too victim.

Or, perhaps, another accuser or ten will come forward and allege that honor student Brett Kavanaugh, a Richie Cunningham clone in character and personality, an all-American guy if there ever was one, raped them all and is a serial rapist who terrorized every female in the high school.

And, the world will stop as the Democrats continue to build the case that Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator. And, the official communications division of the Democrat Party, aka the mainstream media, will be all aghast and demand justice. And, the deer-in-the-headlights Republicans will submit to their will, knowingly allowing them all to frame an innocent man while publicly lyinching his image and character.

At the :30 mark of the following video, McConnell declares, “I’m pleased to announce that all 51 Republican members of the Senate support the motion to proceed to the nomination. 100% of the Republican Conference supports proceeding to the Kavanaugh nomination.”


I can only hope McConnel’s statement means that the FBI is investigating on Monday and the Senate is voting on Tuesday, or, better yet, that the Senate is voting Monday morning regardless of whether an FBI investigation is underway or not. That would be proper, in my opinion. However, having watched the linguine-spined Republicans permit the Democrats to bend them over the hood and drive them home, I seriously doubt it. What is much more likely to happen is my nightmare scenario, above.

One thing is certain – the Democrats will never give up. They will lie, they will cheat, they will steal to get what they want. The party’s history, from its beginning, bears that out. If the Republicans don’t take control of this circus, the Democrats will continue to control it and the result will be disastrous for the Kavanaughs, the Republicans, and the country.

The Kavanaughs have been through enough. America has been through enough. The Democrat Party has again succeeded in turning a time-honored and revered institution, the Supreme Court confirmation process, into a three-ring circus. Every single day, the Democrats find a new way to humiliate the Republicans and embarrass the country.