As a new Kavanaugh accuser pops up every ten minutes or so, I have to wonder just how much Soros and his flying monkeys in the Democrat Party are having to pay these women. Talk about high-dollar hookers!

Granted, those women have little to fear, with a milquetoast Republican Party that will give them the benefit of every doubt regardless of how ridiculous their story, and treat them like royalty, ceding to their every demand.

So, what do these women have to fear? Nothing! They can tell the most preposterous 40-year-old lies and challenge Grassley to disprove it, which is impossible.

The distractions all add up to exactly what the Democrats are attempting to achieve – stalling the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh until after the midterm elections. Only Chuck Grassley stands in their way.

There are now multiple reports that “serious death threats” have been made targeting Brett Kavanaugh’s young daughters. Did anyone ever think the Democrats would stoop that low? Or the better question is did anyone ever doubt that they were capable of it?