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Disturbing video, but not graphic. Tragic, racially-movitated double murder in Virginia is filmed by the killer and broadcast on live TV

Photo, above: From the gunman’s vantage point, just before opening fire. Reporter Alison Parker, 24 (pictured above), died at the scene after being shot on live television, along with cameraman Adam Ward, 27. Ward’s fiancee, a producer at the news […]

Racist manatee condemns all Causasians in white-hating tirade over the death of a black woman who was arrested by an HISPANIC cop

By Thomas Madison I love Salon magazine! I mean for a bird cage liner. It can’t be beat. I ran across this article (excerpted below) from Salon, in which racist manatee, Brittney Cooper, who somehow became a professor (Affirmative Action, […]

Gang of 40 black cowards brutally attack a lone white man in Cincinatti, leaving him bloody and unconscious, as goons laugh and taunt

By Thomas Madison On July 4th, at Cincinatti’s Fountain Square, a group of 40 black cowards brutally beat a single white man to a bloody pulp. The video, below, shows the injured victim lying unconscious on the sidewalk, as more savages […]

Black teacher abuses white handicapped student and tells him, “My people fought for years so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you”

By Thomas Madison The good news is this nasty, racist bitch is looking for a job. Good luck with that! Even McDonald’s won’t keep you around if you abuse customers. Her superior career parasites, who did nothing even though they knew […]

Soon, this will be the only flag allowed in America. Oh, no! I apologize. I just realized I am a racist redneck scumball!

By Thomas Madison Sorry, but that flag will never be allowed. It is white. I momentarily forgot the rules. Please forgive me for being a racist redneck! This just in……… Crayola is removing their white crayon. Children must be taught […]

Ready for another heaping dose of white guilt? Al Sharpton is demanding all Confederate references be removed from military bases

By Thomas Madison Was there any question that the Pandora’s box that Nikki Haley opened was going to be a never-ending grievancefest from the likes of race-baiting scumbag Al Sharpton? No! There was never a question, not from anyone with […]

Minority NY teacher candidates fail entrance exams at a rate much higher than whites, so obviously the test is racist, judge rules

From Blake Neff, The Daily Caller A federal judge in New York has struck down a test used by New York City to vet potential teachers, finding the test of knowledge illegally discriminated against racial minorities due to their lower scores. […]

SLU removing statue of Jesuit priest liberals claim symbolizes white supremacy, racism; erecting instead statue to honor Michael Brown protesters

By Nathan Rubbelke, The College Fix Saint Louis University has removed a statue on its campus depicting a famous Jesuit missionary priest praying over American Indians after a cohort of students and faculty continued to complain the sculpture symbolized white supremacy, racism […]

Al Sharpton wants to lower the threshold for whites defending themselves against blacks, in effect denying self defense for whites

By Thomas Madison Little Al Sharpton advocates enacting a federal law replacing or weakening existing legislation that rightfully permits whites to defend themselves against black assailants. Either that or you can mail your bank debit card to Little Al, with […]

Valdosta State flag desecrator and fugitive issues racist, terroristic manifesto: If they are white, “I say god dammit we kill ’em all!”

Photo, above: Eric Sheppard during his flag stomping protest in April. By Carmine Sabia, BizPacReview A man who first made national news when a female veteran stopped his protest from stomping on an American flag is now threatening to kill police […]

This is what bending over backwards to help inner-city black kids is yielding. 61-year old white man brutally beaten by black teen mob

From Evan Bleier, The Daily Mail A 17-year-old boy has been charged as an adult for his role in beating a 61-year-old alongside a group of approximately 50 other teens in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 22. Richard Fletcher was brutally […]

This model citizen beat a 54-year old grandfather to death with a baseball bat because he “wasn’t black!”

From Brian Anderson, Down Trend The liberal media and black activists keep telling us how racist America is against blacks, but the only stories of any credibility proving racism involve blacks threatening and attacking people with different skin color than […]

It is hereby decreed: Strike “thug” from your racist vocabulary. While you are at it, remove the black crayon from your Crayola box, you racist bastard!

By Thomas Madison Don’t you just love it when raging racists call everyone else racists? Me, neither! In a lively exchange of mutual honky-bashing, MSNBC host Alex Wagner, liberal poster weenie, Ari Berman, and Salon sweathog contributor, Brittney Cooper, discussed, […]

Correcting the popular narrative: What the race baiters don’t want you to know about REAL black history

By Kenn Daily Clash Daily Contributor It’s a scenario I’ve seen dozens of times: While black thugs riot in the streets, white-collar pundits appear to fight back tears as they sympathize with the mayhem. “After all,” they say, “the black […]

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