By Thomas Madison

If you have never seen or listened to Jesse Lee Peterson you are in for some refreshing truth. In the video (below) he slams phony billionaire parasite Oprah Winfrey who has made a LARGE fortune from the support of white housewives.

How is it possible for Oprah to not understand where her fortune came from? What will it take for black whiners to finally realize that segregation, discrimination, and racism are 99% non-existent (you will always have that small percentage of true racists who do discriminate, and let it be known that many of those racists are black)? If anything, there is real discrimination against whites in the form of affirmative action and quotas. It is well past time to end that nonsense and level the playing field. There should be no inquiry as to an applicant’s race on college and job applications. THAT is equality!

Enough whining already! It is time to simply get along.