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President Trump’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia passes in the Senate

On Tuesday the Senate passed President Trump’s sale of half a billion dollars in precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia.

VIDEO: The Wedding Crasher! President Trump makes a surprise stop to offer best wishes to the bride and groom as the guests shout “USA!”

How would you like the President of the United States to make a surprise visit to your wedding to offer his congratulations? That is what happened to Kristen and Tucker on Saturday.

Hopeless assclown Songbird McCain says Barack Hussein was a better leader than President Trump

Songbird McCain is a hopeless moron, a coward, and a traitor! For all you Arizonans out there who voted for this loser, I have a question…. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!?

Attorneys General in MD and DC have filed a lawsuit against President Trump for violating the Constitution and anti-corruption laws

I am certain that many foreign government dignitaries saw a Ronald Reagan movie or two for which Reagan received royalties. Was Reagan in violation? How ridiculous!

Despite constant interference from the left, the right, the press, and the courts, President Trump is draining the swamp at a record pace

To those who believe that President Trump has made no headway on his campaign promises due to the obstruction and interference of Democrats and Rinos, keep reading!

VIDEO: Admiral Rogers testimony today combined with Comey’s prepared testimony tomorrow clear President Trump

This combined testimony will clear President Trump for now, but how long before the Democrats invent a new fairy tale as evidence to impeach the President? See our upcoming poll.

Update on an earlier story involving a $150 million dark web offer to assassinate President Trump

Other Arab countries are now disowning and condemning Qatar and Al Thani, further validating the newest claim that Al Thani is behind the assassination offer.

Whiny London mayor calls for British authorities to cancel President’s visit because Trump hurt his feelings

Khan’s appeal to ban President Trump have apparently fallen on deaf ears. “I see no reason to rescind it,” said U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

VIDEO: Warning! Liberal weenies, do not watch this. It will only make you cry. Brits scream over and over “Donald Trump, we love you!”

It is good to know that not all Brits are afflicted with the disease of liberal weeniness, like this group of British patriots who have connected the dots and do comprehend the danger….

VIDEO: Kathy Griffin doubling down on self-humiliation, crying one minute, then blaming President Trump for her problems the next

If only Lee Harvey Oswald had known that he could have gotten away with Dealey Plaza by claiming it was all comedy. “I’m a comic. It was all a joke. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

Popular children’s author follows Kathy Griffin’s disgusting photo with an equally disgusting tweet. May his career also go to hell

Would any sane parent allow their child to read the work a children’s book author who publishes statements like the following tweet regarding the 11-year old son of the President of the United States?

VIDEO: Kathy Griffin is begging forgiveness after Feds launch investigation into her and her mock beheading of President Trump

Kathy Griffin’s CYA: “I sincerely apologize…. I’m a comic. I crossed the line…. I went way too far…. It wasn’t funny. I get it…. I beg for your forgiveness.”

BREAKING VIDEO: LOL! President Trump shoves Prime Minister out of the way during NATO tour

President Trump is in the second row, and if you know anything about Donald Trump then you know that second is not acceptable.

Is President Trump in serious trouble? Judge Napolitano thinks he may be. Here is why….

As New York Judge Sol Wachtler said in 1985, “If a district attorney wanted, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.”

BREAKING! Powdered Wig exclusive! We have retrieved the prayer President Trump left at the Western Wall….

In a Powdered Wig exclusive, we are proud to bring this historical document to the world’s attention. Presenting President Donald Trump’s Prayer, left at the Western Wall.

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