The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. Sometimes it is hilarious, usually not, watching their regular meltdowns, erroneously accusing patriots of doing that which they are guilty of.

Like fake news. It began as a leftist mantra aimed at the right wing blogosphere, when in actuality it is left wing bird cage liners like the New York Fake News Times and Washington Fake News Post that daily publish the fakest of news. Citing phantom, anonymous sources and unsubstantiated claims, they are sad jokes with zero journalistic integrity.

Thursday’s press conference by Kathy Griffin was the richest theater of leftist hypocrisy I have seen in quite a while, perhaps since Hitlery “Uranium One” Clinton was seen screaming at every opportunity that President Trump is a Russian agent, while she and Slick were lining their pockets with $140 million dollars, courtesy of Mother Russia and her laundering surrogates in Canadia.

Alternately sobbing over the death threats she has received and blaming President Trump for her problems, Griffin, defense attorneys in tow, came off as a complete dumbass and total phony. Having been stricken by a sudden, and I am guessing permanent, bout of amnesia, Griffin believes that this entire ordeal originated with an attack on her by President Trump. What bloody head? Oh, that! That was just comedy. You know, yuck-yuck.

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If only Lee Harvey Oswald had known that he could have gotten away with Dealey Plaza by claiming it was all comedy. “I’m a comic, I tell you. It was all a joke. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”