THIS is why the 26th Amendment should be repealed! I consider voting reform our most pressing problem in America. These brain-dead, pimply-faced geeks prove that. They actually enjoy the privilege to vote and are courted by the likes of Barack Hussein and Hitlery Clinton.

So clueless are these morons who apparently get their news from MTV that when interviewed about President Trump’s first 100 days, they blast the new president for things that not only did he never do, but for things that were actually done by Barack Hussein during his first 100 days.

I am in favor of repealing the 26th Amendment to keep pandering rectums like Hussein and Hitlery out of positions of power. Clearly 18 is too young to be entrusted with the sacred duty of voting. So is 21. People that young simply do not possess the life experience, political education, and sophistication required to make such grave discernments. Anyone can promise you the moon, but the ability to judge that individual’s moral character simply does not happen at 18 years old, generally speaking.

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I am in favor of a minimum voting age of 25, and I am not opposed to 30, as well as other voter qualification criteria.