She turned America’s school lunch program into jail food. Now she is starring in a cooking show. Take our poll to help us name Michelle Obama’s show

Reinforcing the jail food theme, Martha Stewart will also be a guest star on the show. Perhaps Bernie Madoff and OJ Simpson can be worked into the schedule.

Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program, which has been starving America’s children, is likely to be eliminated by Trump and Congress. Advantage: America’s schoolchildren

I wonder when the last time Michelle tried to eat only that much for lunch? No one with an ass that wide should be telling anyone else what to eat.

Michelle Obama calls America “the greatest country on earth.” Right, Michelle. You have been singing an entirely different tune for the past eight years

No, Michelle, it IS “just because Barack has done well” that you became proud of your country . He lied his ass off, he shoveled tons of snake oil down the throats of morons who enjoy the privilege to vote.

Here’s a little comic relief to lighten your otherwise burdensome weekend. Mayor in hot water for calling Michelle Obama “Gorilla Face”

By Thomas Madison I cannot count the times I have heard someone refer to the chinless wonder, Mitch McConnell, as a turtle. I have done this myself…. many times! He looks like a turtle. Why is it so off limits […]

ISIS places Michelle Obama’s value as a sex slave at $40, tops! Are they adjusting for inflation? Michelle has blown up lately

From Zee News Washington: In the latest issue of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIS) propaganda magazine Dabiq, the terror group has carried an article justifying rape and enslavement of Yazidi women and reportedly stated that US First […]

VIDEO: Psychoanalyzing Sasquatch – Alfonzo Rachel’s rhetorical Q&A, “Does Michelle Obama only represent the black community?”

If you missed Michelle Obama’s speech, which is the inspiration for, and subject of  Zo’s rant, you can find the 2-part video and my commentary below Zo’s video. ~ Thomas Madison VIDEO: True to character, Michelle Obama’s commencement address at […]

VIDEO: True to character, Michelle Obama’s commencement address at black Tuskegee University was half self-love and half self-pity

Michelle Obama gave an inspiring inciteful two-part commencement address at Tuskegee University over the weekend. The first part of her speech (first video, below) presumably named, “If Only You Could Be As Wonderful As Me,” broke the old record for the […]

America’s museums are racist, according to our First Lady: “That’s not a place for me, for someone who looks like me.”

By Thomas Madison The overt racism that is excused as casual commentary coming from our White House is sickening. And there is apparently no end to it, at least not until January 20, 2017. Michelle Obama piled on another heaping […]

Obama sycophant, David Letterman, plays straight man to Michelle Obama as she runs a presidential bid up the flagpole to see who salutes

By Thomas Madison Channeling his best Ed McMahon, David Letterman delivered Michelle Obama straight line after straight line during their Thursday night dialogue on The Late Show. Throwing in the obligatory McMahon guffaw at Michelle’s clumsy punch lines that were […]

VIDEO: Bizarre! Michelle Obama doesn’t know how long she has been married. Has it narrowed down to between 10 and 30 years

By Thomas Madison Speaking before a group of schoolchildren Wednesday, Mrs. Barrack Hussein was asked by a young girl how long she and The One have been married. Looking like a deer in the headlights, Michelle didn’t have a clue, […]

Dear God! Perish the thought. With all of Hillary’s troubles could the Dems be lining up for a presidential run by Michelle Obama?

Sasquatch for President! From Dean James AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Are you ready for a third OBAMA term? For God’s sake, I can’t imagine anything worse to tell you the truth. But, actually there is FAR worse than Hussein getting a […]

Hey, Michelle, this is how you feed a growing kid! Does Sasha’s and Malia’s school feed them like concentration camp prisoners?

Photo, above: Michelle Obama’s idea of what an American public school student should have for lunch The school lunches that shame America: Photos reveal just how meager US students’ meals are compared to even the most cash-strapped of nations Korean […]