By Thomas Madison

Speaking before a group of schoolchildren Wednesday, Mrs. Barrack Hussein was asked by a young girl how long she and The One have been married. Looking like a deer in the headlights, Michelle didn’t have a clue, but at least had it narrowed down to somewhere between 10 and 30 years.

Somewhat embarrassed by not knowing such a personal detail about her own life, Michelle stammered, “Uh, twenty-something years. Wait, somebody (gesturing to her staff, begging for help) you guys know the date. When was it? It’s been over a decade. It’s been a while.” I fully expected her to add, “What difference, at this point, does it make?!”

Another youngster asked if she wanted to be first lady when she was a child. Mrs. The One replied, “I didn’t know I could be a first lady,” explaining that people “like her” didn’t think they ever could be First Lady (GMAFB!). “But,” she added, “here I am. It’s a pretty good job.”

Michelle, here’s a tip – October 3, 1992. Twenty-two years. You’re welcome.

Time flies when you’re on perpetual vacation, I reckon!